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At Select Interiors, we strive to design inspiring activity based working environments that engender a feeling of wellbeing.

Activity based working transforms the traditional paradigm of desk/meeting room binary structure to a more fluid flexible use of the space. The workplace environment should enable spaces to cater for each different activity relevant to an organisation and its people.

An analogy is that space does not move but people do, employees occupy the most relevant space that best facilitates a particular task.

Activity Based Working: Spatial Design Considerations

When developing the activity based working model each activity-based space must consider the following characteristics before being applied to the building architecture.

  • Required spatial adjacencies
  • Relevant positioning on the spectrum of open vs closed
  • Appropriate position on interactive vs private spectrum
  • The technology required to facilitate the task
  • Acoustic, ergonomic and lighting considerations
  • Key functionality and tasks
  • Defining adoption and usage protocol
  • Measuring the effectiveness of space

Activity based working Macro planning strategy

In order to develop the spaces that make up the activity based working model we must evaluate what’s required on the spectrum of ‘open vs closed’ and ‘interactive vs private’ as illustrated in the bubble charts.

Bubble chart_Spectrum_Select Interiors

Activity Based Working_Concentration_Select Interiors

Activity Based Working_Social Interaction_Select Interiors

Activity Based Working_Collaboration_Informal_Select Interiors

Activity Based Working_Collaboration_Formal_Select Interiors

Activity Based Working_Indicative Macro_Planning_Select Interiors

Above is an example illustrating how we applied the research into the space planning process, see below an example in practice, design by Levitt Bernstein, fit out by Select Interiors Ltd.

Levitt Bernstein_Fit Out_Select Interiors

Levitt Bernstein_Fit Out_Select Interiors

Levitt Bernstein_Fit Out_Select Interiors

This scheme designed by the crack team at Levitt’s takes into account an activity-based design with a relatively small space. Select Interiors office fitters Manchester fitted out a Cat B scheme refurbish 1,500 sqft of offices in the ground-breaking period Bonded Warehouse by Allied London. Designed by Levitt Bernstein’s crack team, fit out by Select Interiors Manchester.

Works included; electrical, data, plumbing, mechanical, structural works, bespoke Crital steel & glass sliding doors and screens, bespoke joinery, flooring, signage & decoration. Select Interiors provided a ‘turnkey’ fit out package for the conversion from a shell to a beautiful bustling office.

Please click the link for further images of Select Interiors projects

The team at Select Interiors would like to thank you for taking the time to read our blog

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