How to Create a Successful Organisational Culture: Build It into the design

  What is the definition of company culture and how does it impact the workplace? Company culture is the personality of a company. It defines the environment in which employees work. Company culture includes a variety of elements, including, company mission, values, ethics, expectations, goals and of course the working environment Example, some companies have […]

Truth to materials & the Craft of Design & Fit Out

Truth to materials is an architectural theory based on the idea that materials should be used where they are most appropriate, and without their innate ‘natural’ qualities being concealed. To realise the beauty of materials in their raw state   Examples of this theory in practice include: Exposed concreteleft unpainted, with shuttering marks un-sanded. Timber’s natural grain left unpolished, paintedor stained. Copper’s natural patina […]

Thinking in colour – Use of colour in the Office

thinking in colour

Thinking in colour – Use of colour in the Office Does an office with orange carpets have more productive workers than one with grey? A recent event explored the psychological effect of designing with different shades. The example above by Select Interiors Ltd for Mediacom uses vibrant colours to define zones for different teams within […]

Top 5 Office Design Tips

office design tips

Top 5 Office Design Tips It is one of the biggest questions for all UK businesses at the moment: how can companies make their office somewhere that attracts and retain the best staff? Tech & Property Companies like the example above have traditionally been leading the way. Currently however companies from all sectors are investing […]

You sign your lease on an empty shell, what next?

whats next

You sign your lease on an empty shell, what next? You call an Interior Office Design & Fit Out company? This is the story & timeline of a recent enquiry received from Strategic People a Recruitment Company The businessoperates within the Financial Services and Retail sectors. Specialising in business change & transformation,risk, regulatory and technology […]

Questions and answers on how to get the best out of your office space

Above image works by Select Interiors Ltd office fitter Manchester for Rapport creative agency in Manchester’s centre of trend The Northern Quarter 1 Reception Area Reception the first impression visitors get of your company Ask yourself whether it really reflects who you are and if it embodies your brand values? An impressive well designed reception […]

We Love A Challenge

We Love A Challenge

WE LOVE A CHALLENGE Today’s office spaces are often smaller than ever before. While the need for a more flexible / fluid us of space is clearly necessary, architects and designers are often on autopilot. They frequently fail to use space in different, modern and innovative ways. At this point, long held assumptions regarding space […]

Select Interiors Best of 2016

Select Interiors office designers and fitters Manchester developed the scheme from initial brief of ‘’create an understated, cool office environment that fertilises the creative seed bed that is the core of the award winning agency

Works included; electrical, data, plumbing, mechanical, cooling, structural works, bespoke joinery, flooring, signage & decoration. Select Interiors provided a ‘turnkey’ fit out package for the conversion from a shell – Intelligent Conversation’s new Northern Quarter home

What does 2017 hold for office design?

Architects & Designers are perpetually seeking ways to explore ways for Office Space to serve many purposes in a seamless manner. Adhering to conventional room layouts incorporating Conference. Board and Meetings Rooms can restrict overall space utilisation and functionality

The secret to workplace happiness inspiring offices

Staff who believe that they are trusted and appreciated were the most important factors in helping to deliver a happy office, with boredom being the most negative factor. Trust amongst staff & management appreciating them helps to foster more workplace friendships & loyalty. Other critical factors like improving home comforts also play a key role […]