Space the Final Frontier…

love your space with select interiors (cheshire) ltd

SPACE THE FINAL FRONTIER…… Space the final frontier was the tag line of Star Trek’s Captain Kirk at the start of every episode as the SSS Enterprise entered warp speed and the stars became a spark like blur emanating from the centre of our screens Select Interiors Manchester’s tag line is Love Your Space and […]

5 questions you must answer before re-designing your Office

What can you do to increase productivity, staff retention and wellbeing without having to turn your office into Google HQ Are you satisfied with your workspace? If the answer is no, you’re not alone. Approximately 66% of Britain’s workforce feels that their offices are the reason that they’re not attracting the best talent, according to […]

Top 6 Office Interiors Trends Clerkenwell Design Week 2018

The Select Interiors team spent the week in Clerkenwell for Design Week which attracted over 30,000 visitors. The event spread over a square mile in the heart of London’s trendiest location is a must see in the calender to see what’s new in the world of commercial office and interior design. Clerkenwell is the key […]

Why gyms and a Friday beer fridge just won’t cut it

Office design trends

Much has been written recently extolling the virtues of employee-centred workplace design, but there has been very little serious research backing the trend. The result has been workplace design strategy driven by fads and buzzwords, and where no concrete benefits are subsequently felt by employees. Ultimately, ill-informed redesigns can prove expensive exercises in futility if […]

Design Implications and Space Planning

Workers today are driven by a need for autonomy over where and when they work to achieve the desired peak-performance. Many traditional workspaces where employees are untethered to work dedicated workstations are thankfully becoming outdated. At Select Interiors Ltd we seek to incorporate choice and variety in a environment to accommodate a range of workstyles […]

Listed Buildings Case Study, The Story & Completion images

listed buildings case study, the story & completion images

Completion of a Design & Refurbishment of Grade II Listed Building within the Barton Arcade, 63 Deansgate, Manchester by Select Interiors Ltd for Apple Partner GBM Ltd The project brief was to design, conversion & refurbish of a Grade II listed (both external envelope and internal Listed) retail unit, the unit has three floors, a […]

Good Design Need not be Expensive

Good design need not be expensive, how Select Interiors maintains a budget and an example of why a budget was exceeded by 18% It is said that good ideas never go out of style. The greatest barrier to achieving a perfect interior is usually the budget. As most clients have less than is needed to […]

Warehouse Conversion to Showroom and Offices

case study – warehouse conversion to showroom and offices for boardmans design international fashion distributor update Design & Conversion of Warehouse to Showrooms and Head Office for Great Manchester Fashion Brand Boardmans The project brief was to design, conversion & refurbish of a warehouse unit, the space a ground floor formerly a warehouse and the […]

What does your office interior say about your business?

Each office has its own unique purpose and the best office designs are focused on the people using them and enhancing their productivity. Your office should be a representation of your brand and certain design styles have become synonymous with different sectors. The workplace is made up of a diverse network of individuals and businesses […]

Select Interiors Recent Projects

A timely commercial office, reception and fit-out by Select Interiors Ltd & Kate Yates Design Director of Territory Interiors show how a modest budget can boost inventive fit out solutions ‘’This is the future of workplace design,” Kate Yates from Territory Interiors  sums up her latest office fit-out project with partnering interiors company Select Interiors […]