We Love A Challenge

We Love A Challenge

WE LOVE A CHALLENGE Today’s office spaces are often smaller than ever before. While the need for a more flexible / fluid us of space is clearly necessary, architects and designers are often on autopilot. They frequently fail to use space in different, modern and innovative ways. At this point, long held assumptions regarding space […]

Select Interiors Best of 2016

Select Interiors office designers and fitters Manchester developed the scheme from initial brief of ‘’create an understated, cool office environment that fertilises the creative seed bed that is the core of the award winning agency

Works included; electrical, data, plumbing, mechanical, cooling, structural works, bespoke joinery, flooring, signage & decoration. Select Interiors provided a ‘turnkey’ fit out package for the conversion from a shell – Intelligent Conversation’s new Northern Quarter home

What does 2017 hold for office design?

Architects & Designers are perpetually seeking ways to explore ways for Office Space to serve many purposes in a seamless manner. Adhering to conventional room layouts incorporating Conference. Board and Meetings Rooms can restrict overall space utilisation and functionality

The secret to workplace happiness inspiring offices

Staff who believe that they are trusted and appreciated were the most important factors in helping to deliver a happy office, with boredom being the most negative factor. Trust amongst staff & management appreciating them helps to foster more workplace friendships & loyalty. Other critical factors like improving home comforts also play a key role […]

Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

refurb contract with the museum of science and industry

Select Interiors Ltd design team worked closely with the MOSI’s Project Manager Theresa McCauley have designed and created an immersive play area off the main exhibition space. The space designed and fitted out by Select Interiors Ltd will be used as an immersive play and lecture / cinema. School children will be able to visit […]

Too Cool for school?

The “cool” office spaces we all envy a little (The Huggy Bear factor) – the ones with gaming areas, nap nooks / quiet rooms, fully-stocked kitchens with bottle fridges for beer are still the exception and not the norm. You cannot just throw up a basketball hoop and tell your employees go play without first […]

The end of highly structured formal workspaces?

The last decade has also brought about significant changes in the physical spaces many office workers inhabit. Only 5 – 7 years ago most office workers remained static, bound to their office and desk, simply because the phones and computers to do their job were fixed in one place. Laptop computers, tablets, and smart phones have enabled significant opportunities to change the way offices are designed, planned and therefore used.

Board Rooms not Bored Rooms

Select Interiors fitted out this Boardroom for creative agency Rapport, designed by Adrian Taylor and Chris Britton see link /portfolio/office-interiors/rapport/ Bespoke full height toughened glass door and screen. Bespoke clear coat sprayed Birch faced ply panelling with logo fret cut to complement manifestations on glazing. The design is also reflected in the LED lighting fitted […]

Work Patterns Are Evolving

Most offices offer a variety of spaces, rooms for meetings, kitchen / canteen and areas of grouped workstations. However work PATTERNS ARE EVOLVING, technology has freed people to work anywhere and a growing proportion of that work is collaborative and social. Collaborative work now accounts for as much time in the average office worker’s day […]

Unlock potential in your office with design

See your office re-fit by Select Interiors as an opportunity for design to unlock potential and as a means of enhancing staff well-being, leading to a healthier, more engaged and productive workforce.