Designing the Office for Work Focus

Employers need open and interactive spaces to encourage collaboration, and such spaces can introduce distractions. Distractions, however, sabotage focus, and focus work is a necessary part of collaborative efforts. How can we solve this conflict? Select Interior’s approach to workplace design is to encourages both collaboration and focus work. We try to Offer employees a […]

8 points to incorporate the latest workplace trends

Biz Space Gateshead – Completion Images Clarkenwell Design Week 2017- By Select Interiors Research, knowledge and expertise built over 30 years of creating office spaces has allowed us to evaluate workplace trends and to be able to tailor spaces that support workers to work effectively Select Interiors approach to structuring the office environment gives employees […]

Focus on Altrincham & Recent Projects

A timely commercial office, reception and fit-out by Select Interiors Ltd & Kate Yates Design Director of Territory Interiors show how a modest budget can boost inventive fit out solutions ’This is the future of workplace design,” Kate Yates from Territory Interiors sums up her latest office fit-out project with partnering interiors company Select Interiors […]

Seeing Through the Hand: Why Drawing Remains Relevant in the Design Process

Drawings and sketches, perhaps during lunch with a colleague on a paper napkin to illustrate an idea. We’ve all done it, so why is it the exception not the norm in design today? Universities and colleges have, for the most part, stopped teaching hand drawing, so students don’t regard it as an integral part of […]

What is the difference between Cat A & Cat B fit Outs?

There is no universal or absolute definition of ‘Shell and Core’, ‘Category A’ or ‘Category B’ fit outs. However the following definitions describe what can be assumed to be included: Shell and Core The building is completed to the following specification: Complete fit out of reception / entrance halls, staircases, communal areas, toilets, lifts and […]

A month at Select Interiors design & fit out company

Progress at Tower 12 design & fit out by Select Interiors Ltd for Strategic People     Selection of Progress Images week 1   3D MODEL PRESENTATION, THE CLIENT WAS ABLE TO VIRTUALLY WALK THROUGH THE MODEL The scheme incorporated vintage furniture and lighting with a workbench for a Credenza and bespoke boardroom and meeting […]

Thinking in colour – Use of colour in the Office

thinking in colour

Thinking in colour – Use of colour in the Office Does an office with orange carpets have more productive workers than one with grey? A recent event explored the psychological effect of designing with different shades. The example above by Select Interiors Ltd for Mediacom uses vibrant colours to define zones for different teams within […]

Top 5 Office Design Tips

office design tips

Top 5 Office Design Tips It is one of the biggest questions for all UK businesses at the moment: how can companies make their office somewhere that attracts and retain the best staff? Tech & Property Companies like the example above have traditionally been leading the way. Currently however companies from all sectors are investing […]

You sign your lease on an empty shell, what next?

whats next

You sign your lease on an empty shell, what next? You call an Interior Office Design & Fit Out company? This is the story & timeline of a recent enquiry received from Strategic People a Recruitment Company The businessoperates within the Financial Services and Retail sectors. Specialising in business change & transformation,risk, regulatory and technology […]

Questions and answers on how to get the best out of your office space

Above image works by Select Interiors Ltd office fitter Manchester for Rapport creative agency in Manchester’s centre of trend The Northern Quarter 1 Reception Area Reception the first impression visitors get of your company Ask yourself whether it really reflects who you are and if it embodies your brand values? An impressive well designed reception […]