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Manchesters’ St John’s Quarter Attracts Investments

HQ & Hello House are the renamed and revamped former Granada TVs headquarters. The new Northern Quarter for digital & creative industry starts up in the North West Sir Howard Bernstein, chief executive of Manchester City Council: ‘Leading the charge north of Watford, London based developers Allied London Estates has acquired a 13.5 acre site sandwiched between Quay St & the River Irwell which includes Granada TVs former headquarters. The area to be dubbed The St John’s Quarter is to be revitalised...

Office-Fitting Manchester Hello-Hub

Shop Fitters, Select Interiors, design and fit out a new generation of work space for Allied London…. Hello Hub

Since the recession hit a new trend has hit the streets of Manchester. As an alternative office premises, to reduce overheads many small business owners have taken to working form internet cafes and hubs. Allied London, a leading property investment company in the UK, have accommodated the trend by creating a new generation of workspace...

Giorgio Armani

High fashion up market retailer Gorgio Armani are using Select Interiors to survey existing stores in Bicester Outlet Village – Oxfordshire, Armani Outlet – Cheshire Oaks, Emporio Armani – The Mail BoxBirmingham and Emporio Armani in Spinningfields Square in Manchester. Select Interiors have completed contracts in Bicester, Birmingham, Manchester and undertaken emergency call out & consultancy works at Cheshire Oaks. Armani Senior Contracts manager was impressed with the prompt response. Select Interiors responded to the enquiry the same day visiting the...