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Flush mounted LED's with concealed passive sensors

The importance of lighting in offices for employee wellbeing?

Lighting exemplifies the combination of form and function whilst ideally be aesthetically pleasing. Designing in flexibility, use of multiple light sources and where budget allows, lighting that adjusts to natural light and our circadian rhythms can make a huge difference to our wellbeing.  Using soft, indirect light sources that are ‘easy on the eye’ and glare free makes for a more pleasing environment, it’s not just for cinematic effect that people are interrogated under harsh single bulb light sources.

A growing understanding of the effects of light on human biology and wellbeing has realised the importance of well-designed schemes to create pleasant, non-institutional environments. Flexibility in spectral output and control as well as a thoughtfully configured lighting scheme can promote wellbeing. Hundreds of studies have been conducted on the impact of lighting in hospital design on clinical outcomes.

Evidence shows that lighting design plays a significant role. Quality lighting and design can be an important tool for making workplaces more comfortable to work in. There is a desire for lighting systems to provide more than just light!


Shared within this blog post are a few examples of lighting and schemes where we have used multiple light sources, luminaires that adjust to external daylight and reduce power consumption when not required as well as just a couple of my current faves.

Above: Bespoke LED coil above informal high table meeting / collaboration area (Designed by Select Interiors Creators & Makers) 


Flush mounted LED's with concealed passive sensors

Above: Flush mounted LED’s with concealed passive sensors

Above: Flush mounted LED’s with concealed passive sensors

Above: Exterior lighting with bespoke branded LED halo lit signage

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