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8 points to incorporate the latest workplace trends



Biz Space Gateshead – Completion Images

Clarkenwell Design Week 2017- By Select Interiors

Research, knowledge and expertise built over 30 years of creating office spaces has allowed us to evaluate workplace trends and to be able to tailor spaces that support workers to work effectively

Select Interiors approach to structuring the office environment gives employees the flexibility to move around and work in whichever environment best suits their tasks. The Select Interiors design team strives to Create Spaces that are freer flowing and less modular in their approach. Flexible space planning that allows employees to have the autonomy to choose their workspace based on the project or task in hand.

Design implications – a well-designed workspace need to accommodate a variety of working styles. At select interiors office design and fit out Manchester we have identified some key points as follows;

Incorporate the right tec. to support an agile workforce and integrate into a variety of settings within the scheme

PERSONALISED DESK SPACE – Individual spaces are important as people like to take ownership of their desk space we aim to provide screens that can be personalised with additional fixings, shelves and the PCs on adjustable bracket arms. Comfort and ergonomic seating, investing in making staff workspaces with as possible pays dividends with increased productivity

INFORMAL COLLABORATIVE SPACE within the floorplate to bring the spirit of the co-worker ethos. A working environment that supports collaboration will lead to innovation and greater cohesion

HOME FROM HOME’ space within your scheme, a place to relax, have a coffee, read the papers. Not always possible where space it at a premium however with a little creative thinking areas can be incorporated within the breakout area

ACOUSTIC TREATMENTS, an area often overlooked. Acoustic screens between desks are the obvious choices however use of acoustic screens on the walls or suspended from ceilings can be both decorative and help attenuation

ENCOURAGE MOVEMENT by incorporating sit-stand desks within the scheme, although the investment. According to a recent study, when employees use sit/stand desks their productivity increases. For years, workers who use standing desks have been touting this very benefit and now research has confirmed it

GREENING OF THE OFFICE – Incorporate greenery, research into the impact of biophilic design in the workplace has demonstrated tangible benefits for individuals and their organisations. Contact with nature / greenery has benefits both decorative and to reduce anxiety, stress and to engender wellbeing

USE OF NATURAL MATERIALS – design elements which mimic natural materials have been shown to positively impact health, job performance and concentration. This chimes well with current office furniture design trend for the Scandi look which incorporate solid Oak / veneered legs

KITCHEN COFFEE FACILITIES – A well thought out Kitchen can improve morale, plenty of storage, quality coffee machine, juice bar with fruit and veg to encourage healthy life style choices

The scheme above and below Designed by Select Interiors Ltd. incorporates all the elements above for the scheme for Rullion Group

Push Doctor Design Space Planning and Office Fit Out – By Select Interiors Ltd Manchester


As work partners are evolving, technology has freed people to work anywhere and a growing proportion of that work is collaborative and social. Collaborative work now accounts for as much time in the average office worker’s day as individual computer work meaning that employees are more likely to be moving between a variety of formal and informal spaces

Traditional office space planning has not kept up with advances in technology and new work trends. There is a tendency for younger tech savvy employees to blend work and personal life, being constantly connected and available by smart phone. 

Example above is incorporating a central social space with high & low table informal meeting / coffee area with the tech to provide presentations and refreshments. The office space plan has given a little more space between the desks and incorporated /camp fire/ / huddle areas with comfortable bespoke seating and feature low level lighting for informal internal staff meetings / collaboration. 

See 3D renders above illustrate the fabrics and furnishings to be used for various meeting spaces within the main open plan office for Push Doctor

We see significant opportunities to effectively use workspace design to promote an enduring state of wellbeing

Managing Director Carl Brown

Interior Design Project For City Airport London For Shoot The Moon

Select Interiors Ltd have been commissioned to design and fit out offices at City Airport in London in collaboration with Shoot The Moon for Newrest Ltd a global business that operates in 35 countries with 37.000.00 employees with a turnover of 169,000.000 Euros. 

The Brief: to create a cool and unique office and canteen incorporation 20 workstations on the ground floor and 2o on the 2nd floor. The branch specialises in catering services to the airline sector so the space / design should reflect this. Shoot The Moon a Manchester based multi-disciplinary creative agency based in Ancoats. 

The digital mood board above illustrates the various elements Adie’s scheme, the superstructure as entrance to offices and canteen. 

The Sketch design for the proposed scheme by Adrian Taylor for Select Interiors Ltd to develop and price for a bespoke fit out 

Recent Design Projects

Above are a selection of companies that Select Interiors have been proud to have been of service to on the last business quarter. The Team at select Interiors would like to thanks the above companies and the many not included or mentioned above

We at Select Interiors judge the success of the buildings and places we design by the way people use and enjoy them – the clients who commission them, the people who inhabit them. Good design is about helping clients meet their needs and objectives. It is also about the way people feel when they experience it, a sense of meaning, connection and belonging

We hope that the above blog will give you the reader a snapshot of what we are up to, what we have recently completed and an idea of our processes and ethos. We are always striving to improve our service through investment in training, technology and of course staff


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