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Office design – Consultancy is essential to the successful planning of your new space



An in-depth analysis of who you are, what your people need to succeed and how you can optimise your office space.

The process of workplace consultancy is essential for understanding all the finer details your office refurbishment or relocation project. Your new workplace needs careful consideration and planning based on the requirements of your organisation, from your company culture to the ergonomics of your new work-space and more importantly the needs of your colleagues. This is the best way to be sure you make the most of all the resources available to you. 

Drill down on the detail, what’s the driver for your move?

The process starts by examining your core drivers, which may include one of the following:

  • Financial(to reduce costs)
  • Operational(expansion or reduction within the business; desire to utilise space more efficiently)
  • People(need to improve collaboration, well-being or morale; reduce absenteeism)

Once we understand what you’re looking to achieve, we can create a bespoke solution that meets all your requirements

Typically, we seek to analyse your work-space from a multi of perspectives, both objective and subjective. A space utilisation study allows us to understand how your current workplace performs and identify inefficiencies in how the space is used. This study is extremely valuable because it’s the basis of figuring out how your organisation can work smarter.

 Understanding the needs of your most important assets – your staff

We also can undertake processes that allow you to engage with your greatest assets: your people. The best solutions and ideas are already within your organisation; it’s our job to dig them out and create a meaningful strategy around them. We engage directly with your staff through a variety of methods, including focus workshops, collaborative sessions, interviews, online surveys and day in the life studies. Depending on your requirements, and budget we will be able to advise on which approach is best for you. We can also offer advice on change management processes


Space plan, layout, BIM model and sections / elevations of proposed scheme for London based TAG group incorporating data from consultation with staff and management

Integrating our findings into the overall design

The analysis of our data combines all the information gathered and formulates reliable strategy options that enable decisions to be made. This provides a clear direction for the workplace design process. It is also the accountability for all decisions made going forward, which is particularly important when your organisation is likely to make legal and financial agreements for the next 5–10 years.

Of course, the depth of workplace consultancy depends on each client and the complexity of the project. Before you get excited about stunning office designs, we recommend you explore how you are using your workspace by answering the following two questions:

  • Do you really need to relocate and how could you efficiently occupy that space?
  • Can you refurbish your existing office space to make it work more efficiently?

If you have any questions about workplace consultancy or office design and fit out ring us 0161 445 4040. Our initial consultancy and budget cost plans subject to conditions are FOC so you have nothing to lose, email

The exciting bit, Creating the design

Everyone’s favourite stage; it’s the bit all our clients crave from the moment we start talking about inventing their new office space. Our office design specialists take everything we learned through the workplace consultancy stage and bring it to life with the aid of sketches, 2 & 3D models and mood boards

It’s a creative and collaborative process. We sketch out on napkins at lunch, on waste paper or indeed anything to hand, then onto tracing paper. We get to work with pens and scale rules sketching out initial designs / ideas and layouts to create a snapshot into your new space. Early stages of the design process can and should be messy. We generally churn through a few prototypes until we see what ideas emerge. During a client brief and meeting, as ideas are discussed we sketch them. In these dynamic sessions, the real-time reaction and input moves the conversation and creative process at speeds not possible with computer drawings. Away from our offices and their sophisticated rendering software, with just a black felt-tip pen, we can demonstrate multiple design options to clients.

Sketch detail of Café & Breakout for City Airport in London by Select Interiors Ltd –Journey through an interior design project at City Airport in London


We then get to work on creating 2D plan layouts and elevations with computer-generated images (CGIs). In some cases, we even use 3D BIM models and virtual reality to help you fully immerse in your future office space and can literally send the client a link for a ‘virtual walk through’ of your new workplace. Follow the links to view BIM Model of the scheme for London based TAG group (plan layout above)


Mood boards are also a useful tool to illustrate how the finishes proposed will look in site see below images of mood boards by Select Interiors Offices Designers and Fitters Manchester for a property company in Gateshead and a recruitment company in Altrincham





The budget, giving value and options

Throughout the whole office design project, the rest of the team are always involved. Our cost management ensure designs are priced with usually 3 options, a Gold, Silver & Bronze ‘open book’ XL cost sheets

Our furniture specialists Martha & Umair work hand-in-hand with our designer, recommending how comfort and productivity can be enhanced with the latest office furniture.

Budget Cost Options

Wherever possible, the first step is always taken with the full professional team. This can include a Commercial Property Agent, Project Manager, Building Manager and sometimes architects / surveyors. We pool our creativity to imagine an office as intricate and imaginative as Rapport or Biz Spaces Gateshead of experience delivering detailed office design and build programmes, we can also work successfully in partnership or as service providers for other consultancies

We are firm believers that design without substance won’t benefit the business or the office. Our cohesive project teams enable every design element to serve a purpose, ensuring each office refurbishment and relocation provides a space that increases the productivity and efficiency of a company


Case Study design process and fit out for Stratergic People a new dynamic Recruitment Company based in Tower 12, Spinningfileds

3 D Model presentation, the client could virtually walk through the model

Image of the same space fitted out with short lead time by Select Interiors Ltd on 5th floor Tower 12 in Spinningfields for Strategic People

Image of completed project by Select Interiors Ltd at Tower 12 in Spinningfields designed and fitted out by Select Interiors Ltd office designers and fitters Manchester

The scheme incorporated vintage furniture and lighting with a workbench for a Credenza and bespoke boardroom and meeting tables with reclaimed timber tops. Reclaimed timber flooring laid at 45 degrees and bespoke wall feature with Fluorescent tubes, stand- off acrylic logo / lettering and reclaimed flooring for a truly bespoke and unique office fit by Select Interiors Manchester office furniture and fit out specialists


Testimonial email received from client’s Project Manager

Just wanted to say a massive thank you and congratulations to you and the team for NAILING the new office!

I will write you a blog/testimonial at some point in the next few weeks, but just wanted to say a personal thank you.  It was wonderful to see the vision come to life, the staff love it and the whole environment is built for success.

Well done!

Nicola x

The above e-mail was received from client’s Project Manager after completion


Select Interiors are the first contractor to have won a fit out in this stunning new development by the achingly cool Allied London. Select Interiors have won a tender to fit out new offices for London based Levitt Bernstein Architects


The team at Select Interiors would like to thank you for taking the time to read our blog and the clients above for their valued orders.

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