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Select Interiors have identified what we feel are the top 5 design trends identified by the team from Clerkenwell Design Week 2019.

It’s crucial for us to stay on top of the latest trends in workplace design so that we can deliver the best for our clients. The following 5 trends were uniformly adopted by manufacturers and suppliers at this year’s event

  1. Collaboration & Community
  2. Biophilia
  3. Materiality & Colour
  4. Movement at Work
  5. Track & Lineal Lighting



Collaboration has been an integral contributor towards some of the best business innovation, so we were very happy to see this as a central theme for many of the exhibitors.

It was very much centred around using biophilics to create collaborative spaces, and we came away with some fantastic insights to share:

  • 70% of communication is non-verbal so it’s important to encourage face to face interactions to strengthen working relationships
  • Defining a community gives everyone within it a sense of belonging
  • Community benefits business in several ways – collaboration, creative thinking, social, relaxing


This trend isn’t just about creating collaborative spaces, the concept is intended for multiple uses. Areas for creative thinking with peers, social interactions and relaxing as well as teamwork.

Encouraging a sense of belonging and collaboration through the culture as well as an integral part of workplace design was a common theme.

The Select team were particularly impressed by Sixteen 3’s range of flexible room dividers with shelving, seating to create flexible social and collaborative spaces see the images below:


These designs aimed at creating flexible informal spaces within the office footprint without permanent partitions. The team’s favourites were the Calvert modular system by Sixteen3 which combined steel with natural plant and birch ply elements & shelving.


We took away lots of ideas for bringing people together through design, and we can’t wait to start implementing some of the products in our own schemes.


The 2nd most prevalent trend is using plants and flora to introduce ‘nature’ into the workplace. Biophilic design is the concept of increasing peoples’ connectivity to nature by bringing aspects of the natural environment into the design of a space.

The benefits of incorporating biophilic design into workplaces include reduced stress, increased creativity and acoustics. Many of the main exhibitors in workplace design included planting in their showrooms.

Biophilic design has been shown to have economic, health, cultural and environmental benefits. Recent research from the field of neuroscience and endocrinology, shows the crucial role that experiencing nature has for our well-being.  Five to twenty minutes in a biophilic environment can trigger a positive restorative response. These reactions are swift, automatic and unconscious and include:

  • A decrease in blood pressure, heart rate and the stress hormone
  • An increase in self-esteem and mood
  • Enhanced cognitive function, concentration and memory

These biophilic restorative responses are based upon the nature-health relationship.

Image of mood/finishes board for the proposed roll out for Push Doctor Ltd brand using Green Walls as well as a natural palette, natural wool mix fabrics, Oak screens and furniture

Clerkenwell embraced biophilia this year and above some of our favourite materials from Havwoods, Camira, Nairn & Desso all with green credentials and looks to bring ‘nature’ into the office.


See examples above created by the Select team using planting to enhance the design and the environment for V Properties & Brunel both in Manchester

The image above illustrating how planters can be used as soft barriers to background office noise and to define space and the benefits of greenery are manifold as explained above.



Wellbeing in the workplace was a huge consideration throughout pretty much every showroom.

It’s the factor that connects all of the trends that we saw. After all, the ultimate aim is to create workspaces that people feel comfortable and happy working in.

Here are a couple of our team’s favourite wellbeing-focused spaces…


The scheme above designed by the team using contrasting but complementary soft pastels, introducing comfortable upholstery and semi-circular informal coffee/drop in, informal social spaces within a compact footprint. The space was designed with ‘wellbeing’ as part of the client brief

This particularly impressed us as a ‘wellbeing corner’ full of plants, and contrasting colours/textures.

Spacestor’s display was called ‘A Mindful Space’, no question of the intent then!

Their ‘Palisades room’ incorporated functional media storage, shelving using subtle colours, planting and natural wood finishes for a calming experience. The ‘framed’ spaces create ‘microenvironments’ that can be easily adapted to suit different uses including curtains to create privacy. We attended a thought-provoking talk on future trends which discussed how these microenvironments can also provide opportunities for people to personalise their own areas of the workplace as the trend ‘home’ in the office


You may have already noticed this theme in the pictures we’ve shared throughout the blog – lots of pinks, corals, greens & earthy pastels with complimentary organic materials wood & concrete.

Many manufacturers illustrated us how these finishes can enhance a scheme by using floor coverings creative unity to the spaces. Many collections included natural, organic patterns and colours with a noticeable trend for herringbone LVT & engineered products.

Camira fabrics always ahead of the curve with the emphasis on Pinks, Corals & pastel greens & textured finishes. Dominating colours and tones this year were rich and earthy – ochre, brown and orange mixed with softer pastel tones in textured fabrics.

Carlow illustrated above is a new interpretation of classic ‘plain’ weave with a textured finish and subtle colour mixes inspired by according to the designer the Celtic landscape see the range here

Image of Camera’s fabrics teamed with complimenting floorcoverings and images of the furniture, note the right-hand side Corals, Peaches and Pinks and just above this year’s surprise revival of Purple

Havwoods showroom had lots of herringbone & Versailles type panels with distressed, ‘aged’, limed and stained options Oak seemingly the prevalent trend

See dark wood laid @ 45 degrees and mixed with bold colour in herringbone by Select Interiors Ltd to create a dynamic working environment for this international recruitment company. The high table is situated in the breakout area to encourage informal meetings and ‘movement’. The natural looking LVT flooring is 5mm thick which ensures the finishes are ‘flush’ with minimal junction trims.

See images above of design & fit out for V Properties utilising natural concrete look flooring to compliment the cast concrete wall detail. Note;  another design trend herringbone plank carpet tiles which were displayed by many of the major manufacturers.



We all know that we need to be moving more at work, especially if we’re office-based.

To encourage movement, it’s, of course, a given that to provide sit-stand desk options encourages both movement and naturally ups the energy. We went to an interesting talk with one supplier called the ‘Science of Movement’ and we would like to share some of the insights so that you can put them into practice:

  • Think about how often we move between sitting and standing and practice moving from sitting to standing or vice versa every 45 minutes
  • Try to make ‘being active’ part of your job – go and talk to someone instead of calling them
  • Design your workplace flexibly for collaboration and areas for concentration can empower people to move between spaces as their tasks demand



You may also have already noticed this theme in the images we’ve shared that lighting is a key design feature the overall trend being black LED track and Lineal fittings.

The lighting options with track are endless, spots can highlight features, create mood and now with filters can be used for task lighting.

See some examples of recent schemes by Select Interiors where we’ve used really creative lighting options to give the scheme some zing! I hope you, the readers agree!

Scheme designed by the crack design team at Levitt Bernstein and fitted out by Select Interiors using a combination of linear and large format industrial pendants to great effect.

See above scheme Dept use of industrial pendants in a meeting room.

Latest News…

Select Interiors have won a hard-won tender to design & fit out head offices for an international passenger transport business.


Layout drawings, notes & 3 D models for conversion of the 1st floor subdivided basic offices to open plan with A/C, Led lighting and full F&F package to completion including full submission to Building Control

See progress images below taken over 6 weeks from demolition, construction, 1st & 2nd fix mechanical and electrical services and fit out for the same client

Elevations illustrating proposed graphics on offices and walls


Progress from site set up to completion over 6 weeks

Week 1 site set up – demolition

Week 2 demolition

Week 3 GF Kitchen refurb & 1st fix electrical & mechanical services 1st floor

Week 5 1st Floor kitchen and W.C.s shower blocks & insulated suspended ceilings



Select Interiors have been invited to tender for a fit out for old friends Dept, an existing client. Dept is an international digital agency with over 1000 experienced thinkers and makers. They are at the forefront of the digital revolution and merge creativity, technology, and data. With offices worldwide and teams of experts in creative, digital, marketing and commerce. We at Select Interiors Ltd are grateful not only to have worked for them over the last 2 years but are overjoyed at the opportunity of being asked to tender for their exciting new head office furniture package.


Select Interiors Manchester design & fit are proud to have designed and are nearing completion of a new northern head office for Clarke & Clarke part of the mighty international Walker & Greenbank group. The that incorporates premium interior design brands Zoffany, Sanderson, Morris & Co., Harlequin, Scion and Anthology. The project and fit out is particularly special as we are massive fans of Clarke & Clarke’s design, fabrics and wallpapers. To be asked to do interior design for this premium design brand is flattering and we are very grateful to Founder and Special Advisor Lee Clarke for the enquiry. See excerpts from Select Interior’s weekly progress reports

Interior space planning and design for international interior design brand Clarke & Clarke.

Select Interiors internal 3D model for this prestigious scheme on Manchester’s Deansgate


Select Interiors Manchester design & fit are proud to have completed a design and fit out for premier estate and letting agents Jordan Fishwick Estate Agents


Select Interiors are currently designing a new Call Centre for the rapidly expanding Miller Vanguard in Bury.

The brief to create a dynamic new call centre for 45 staff, the client used the term ‘with screens like Nasa’’ which we at Select loved. See above excepts from 2 & 3 D layout and mood board images. Select Interiors have developed the brief incorporating an acoustic cantilevered ceiling with 900mm radial dimmable LED luminaires, mechanical / ventilation and full fit out


We at Select Interiors Office Design & Fit Out Company judge the success of the buildings and places we design by the way people use and enjoy them – the clients who commission them, the people who inhabit them. Good design is about helping clients meet their needs and objectives. It is also about the way people feel when they experience it, a sense of meaning, connection and belonging.

Talk to the experts about how an engaging fit out can improve productivity and wellbeing to help attract & retain motivated staff call the Select Interiors design team on 0161 445 4040


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