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Where is the line between a fun collaborative office and one that distracts employees from being productive?

The “cool” office spaces we all envy a little (The Huggy Bear Factor) – the ones with gaming areas, nap nooks / quiet rooms, fully-stocked kitchens with bottle fridges for beer are still the exception and not the norm. You can’t just throw up a basketball hoop and tell your employees go play without first establishing some ground rules and have an idea that the facilities will increase productivity as well as wellbeing

The cool office above was fitted out for Rapport Creative agency by Select Interiors Manchester Office Fit Out Company has all the ingredients that are described above. Bespoke high table, bottle fridge, banquette seating for informal meetings / early starts
Introducing fun elements can be great for team building and promoting a healthy office culture. The perks should be earned and utilised after employees have earned the privilege, management should set the example and lead from the top


A ‘quiet rooms’ created for the same project, space to hold intimate meetings or for a break in the busy day to re-charge. A lounge area with bespoke seating and tables for taking five with a coffee and a book. Designed by Adrian Taylor and Chris Britton from Spacemen, full fit out by Select Interiors Ltd

Indeed, management sets the tone. This can be a culture shock for executives as the glass walls of their office have metaphorically and physically been removed. However anecdotal evidence suggests that executives get more from their employees if they are in amongst their teams. It’s important to engage but not too close as to be intimidating

Select Interiors Office Fit Out Company fit out for uber cool digital marketing company DEPT with head office in Amsterdam. This scheme at no 1 Portland Street, Piccadilly in Manchester features a Coffee / Kitchen / Breakout and Agile workspace in one area see the image below. Dept not only provide artisan coffee, fully stocked beer & wine fridges they also allow employees to complete large jigsaw puzzles around the office, and sweeties on tap!


Select Interiors incorporated phone booths for private calls and perhaps five minutes of reflection away from the office hubbub. Booths are bespoke and feature upholstered seat, small shelf, bespoke graphics and Edison bulb soft lighting on passive sensors

Select Interiors Office Fit Out Company fit out for Mediacom in Spinningfields features Table football area & radial meeting rooms with toughened glass doors
Xbox and foosball tables are great for some offices, but not for others. The key is to be intentional – the right mix of amenities can improve productivity, attraction, retention and, of course, the bottom line. Just keep in mind these are still business decisions with consequences. The following example illustrates how Rullion Group approached Select Interiors Ltd wanting a complete change of culture whereby the glass walls of executive offices and therefore separation literally came down.

The scheme proposals by Select Interiors & Adrian Taylor were designed as part of a 6,5000 sqft. re-design and refurbishment project.

Proposed new layout has incorporated informal ‘camp fire’ meeting spaces with AV screens on totems for internal meetings and of course coffee breaks. The areas feature shag pile carpet, feature dropped pendant lighting, high backed sofas with low backed chairs. We’ve removal all the senior managers offices and added them in the mix!

Their current floorplate is densely packed with separate management suites. The new Black is an open-door policy and a willingness to engage with staff “on the floor”. The open-door policy extends to allowing their private offices to be used for other purposes – as mini-conference rooms see example below where Select Interiors Manchester Office Designers and Fit Out Company have designed and rationalised 12,000.00 sqft of office space for Rullion Group over three floors of Mansion House in Altrincham. Rather than packing staff in like people factories

Digital mood board for Rullion Group at Mansion House in Altrincham
If you’re going to ask your people to sit on 5ft-long benches like the interior scheme illustrated above, executives had to embrace an ‘open door’ culture of no barriers and to be integrated into the workforce. Most executives would probably prefer to maintain full floor-to-ceiling glass offices, but this is increasingly seen as outdated. Phillip Group Managing Director and CEO James wanted a complete change of culture as well as a well-designed, less densely packed floorplate that incorporated latest thinking, design trends and theory
The ideal ‘cool’ office is an environment where great ideas blossom and a sense of community thrives with wellbeing an objective and factor formed integral part of the design brief given to Select Interiors by the Rullion senior team


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