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This is the story & timeline of a recent enquiry received from Strategic People a Recruitment Company The business specialises in programme staffing solutions for Business, Technology Change and developers in Digital Technology

The timeline of events from enquiry to stage III, five working days

Initial enquiry @10.45 on Tuesday Initial Meeting & site survey 11am

Wednesday (following day)



Submission of client Brief and Survey Images on Thursday (2 days after initial enquiry)

Image result for line drawings of xl cost sheet

 Drawings Design stage I layout XL Cost sheet submitted

Monday, 4 working days after initial


Client Meeting with Director and Project Manager 2pm Monday 13.02.17 less than 5 working days from initial enquiry. See below excerpts from Select Interiors Manchester Office Design & Fit Out Company’s survey images and design presentation



Selection of Survey Images

View of 3 Model presented at the meeting with Client

3 D Model presentation, the client was able to virtually walk through the model

Part of the 3D Model by Select Interiors Ltd for Client reaction was enthusiastic, and they ‘’loved the design’’

Part of the printed Presentation illustrating Graphics and Flooring from Presentation

The workstations are from the Sense range. The Workstations are remarkably competitive in price with a bank of ‘rise and fall’ electronic desks used in the ’creative thinking / high energy section’ are juxtaposed with upcycled mid-century furniture and a vintage leather Chesterfield. Other original additions an Afghan rug, un-finished reclaimed flooring for reception and as a backdrop to Neon and acrylic signage. and We printed mission statements onto canvass and mounted them in salvaged Victorian frames for the Boardroom & used a vintage workbench as a Credenza. As an added personal touch, we sourced a leather punch bag and pair of boxing gloves and a pool table for recreation and stress relief as Claire’s husband is a boxing fan

Image of upcycled Credenza from a workbench with Victorian original frame, printed cavass mission statements for a unique quirky addition, ‘’boardrooms need not be staid’’ Carl MD quote to an initially skeptical PM for Strategic People

On top of the ecological advantage of recycling / upcycling and reusing as much as possible proved that ‘budget’ did not have to ‘cost the earth’. Ecological decisions don’t always mean specifying the latest green product, for Select Interiors it’s more about a holistic approach – taking into account how people will use the space as well as the aesthetics. It’s more sustainable to reuse products and fittings than specify an expensive product with top green credentials which can come with a price tag!

The scheme proposal / presentation incorporated vintage furniture and lighting with a workbench for a Credenza and bespoke boardroom and meeting tables with reclaimed timber tops. Reclaimed timber flooring laid at 45 degrees and bespoke wall feature with Fluorescent tubes, stand- off acrylic logo / lettering and reclaimed flooring for a truly bespoke and unique office fit by Select Interiors Manchester office furniture and fit out specialists

Reclaimed timber as backdrop to bespoke Neon and acrylic signage

Plan layout illustrating Reception, Boardroom, Meeting Rooms, open plan space, High Energy are with sit-stand desks and breakout space. Dynamic carpet design which mirrors the diagonal detail behind entrance signage. Pops of vibrant Mustard were incorporated into the acoustic screens and seat backs

An excerpt from the creative team at Jam’s rebrand for Strategic People for their re-brand. Select Interiors are grateful for the recommend from this uber cool Northern Quarter based branding agency Jam

Images of the completed project for Strategic People by Select Interiors Manchester Office Fitters

The brief; to create a colourful, vibrant office using existing new and reclaimed furniture, fixtures and fittings. Claire the Managing Director wanted a regional office to reflect Manchester, it’s unique architecture, culture and be anything but monochrome

Project programme for fit out was 3 weeks included; glazed boardroom, power, data, bespoke graphics, decoration and refurbishing and reupholstering mid-century furniture

Bespoke graphics were fitted throughout the office, designed by Jam

Select Interiors Ltd…never monochrome

Few examples of before and after images of projects

Before Image


After Images



Before Images


After Images



Before Images

After Images


Before Images

After Images


Before Images


After Images


Before Images

After Images

It is one of the biggest questions for all UK businesses now, how can companies make their office somewhere that attracts and retains the best staff? Tech companies have historically led the way but companies from all sectors like Strategic People (recruitment sector) and the other companies above have invested in their working environment and are enjoying the results. The benefits can often be difficult to measure however we did receive some incredible feedback from staff and one employee engagement survey ALL the staff had commented how wonderful the new space looked.

We at Select Interiors Ltd Manchester Office Fitters would love to unlock the potential of your space with creative and cost-effective options for your move or refurbishment project

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