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Facilities managers, designers and architects have long known that creating a positive work environment can boost a business’ overall performance. To do so, we need to consider not only design and layout but implementing other means initiatives to improve wellbeing & morale

A recent survey found that 97 percent of facilities managers consider that taking action on worker wellbeing is an important part of their role. Their work can provide employees with positive incentives, support and strategies that can play a crucial role in preventing stress and boosting retention. But how do you strike a balance between what’s essential for employees and what’s essential for the business? Here are six simple ways offices can provide their employees with a wellbeing boost in the office.

1. Kitchen & Brew Facilities

A well designed kitchen/brew facility may seem obvious however its surprising how many businesses we visit that only provide the basics. Providing a quality Coffee machine and options for on-tap chilled and filtered water as well as instant HW for teas is important for staff wellbeing. Proper hydration has many benefits, including increased productivity and alertness, improved cognitive function and better overall wellbeing. In fact, good hydration has been shown to boost productivity by as much as 14 percent. Ensuring employees have access to a high-quality filtered water system is therefore essential to a business – and there’s no better way to encourage them to drink more water than through offering free reusable bottles.

See example left for clients Rapport, bespoke kitchen, bottle fridges, quality Coffee machine, instant Boiling or cooled and filtered water and plenty of storage for ‘special cups/mugs’ see link to full set of imagesInvesting in Zip style taps, bottle fridges and Expresso makers and well designed & fitted kitchen can be best thought of as an investment in staff ‘wellbeing’ rather than just a cost affecting the bottom line. A typical cost for a new kitchen facility as the examples above & below can be between £6,000.00 & £15,000.00 which is a snip compared to your salaries costs enquire now for a free design & quote Contact UsBottom-left; bespoke kitchen, glass splash-back, high table bench seating, Smeg fridge, integrated microwave designed and fitted by Select Interiors Ltd for Strategic People in Spinningfields link for the full set of images

Bottom-right; bespoke fitted kitchen with microwave, Zip H/cold filtered water, Coffee machine, bespoke storage & integrated appliances by Select Interiors Ltd link for the full set of images

2. Get people moving

A study by Ginger Comms revealed only 24 percent of British office workers always take their lunch break and 34 percent work through their lunch every single day. This, combined with the fact that most employees spend between four and nine hours a day sat down, can negatively impact their health, often resulting in absences from work.

The scheme left was designed and installed by Select Interiors Ltd for £750,000.00 of office fit-outs for Allied London estates in the former Granada Studios complex in St Johns Manchester as gym facility link for full set of images

To combat this, office managers need to look at ways they can encourage people to move more to improve staff productivity, concentration and mental wellbeing. While not all businesses can afford the cost or sacrifice the space needed for a company gym (as the above image), you can, however, encourage workers to stay fit and healthy with access to discounted fitness facilities offsite, or by providing a makeshift fitness space in a meeting room or garden area. Think about maybe introducing group Yoga, there are a plethora of self-employed Yoga professionals that will come to your workplace and provide classes. Be proactive to make your staff more active too. Another way is to incorporate high table meeting areas so people can stand or sit on stools, this changes the dynamic and encourages movement. Sit-stand desks is another way to provide flexibility and the option to stand a See link for the previous article on wellbeing at work blog

Bottom-left; sit stand desks installed on a recent project for Strategic People link for the full set of imagesBottom-right; quiet areas within an office scheme designed by Adrian & Chris from Spacemen design & fitted out by Select Interiors Ltd for Rapport People Agency in Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter link to the full set of images

3. Introduce mindful or ‘quiet’ areas

In 2018, work-related stress, anxiety and depression accounted for over half of all working days lost due to ill health in Great Britain. In a busy workplace, it can seem nearly impossible to spare a few minutes to be more mindful, but the benefits it reaps for both an employee and employer are invaluable.

By creating an area for meditation and relaxation, you can provide employees with a safe space for some deep breaths, clearing their mind from any stress and anxieties. Some modern offices have introduced relaxation areas where employees can even lie down or take a nap.

Promoting and supporting employee wellbeing should be a number one priority for all businesses. Managers are in a unique position to put initiatives in place that encourage a happier, more productive workforce while reducing staff turnover and sickness absence.

Simple but effective, cork notice board used for staff notices as well as a social sounding board and to test drive creative ideas on a receipt project by Select Interiors Ltd

4. Create personalised workspaces

More than a third of respondents in a workplace wellbeing study that revealed an uncomfortable workplace environment had a significant negative impact on their work. Office managers must, therefore, ensure employees can personalise their workspaces to their needs, whether that’s through access to brighter lighting, noise control, introducing acoustic screens, sit-stand desks and notice boards for general use. Flexibility is key. Having optional working areas – such as meeting rooms, private booths, quiet areas and collaborative spaces – can also help to meet the varying needs of different workers, further improving productivity. It helps to improve concentration and creativity while lowering stress levels and gives staff a sense of ownership.

Play area, high and low table breakout space for staff designed by Architects & fitted out by Select Interiors Ltd for QA Leeds link to the full set of images

5. Workplace Design and Engagement

In a flexible workspace, employees can choose the environment they work in to best suit the task they need to complete. Without having to compromise on their working conditions, levels of happiness and engagement can only increase. In fact, studies have shown that the more control employees have over where and how they work the more engaged they are.

Creating a flexible workspace that can adapt to your staff and their needs is a simple way to ensure higher levels of employee engagement. An office that successfully utilises workplace design and facilities to fit the different day-to-day requirements of the workforce will see a boost in productivity, teamwork and take an invaluable step towards creating a more cohesive culture, all of which leads to a more profitable business

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6. Flexible working hours

We work in a world with Wi-Fi, so employees no longer need to be at fixed desks all day. Flexible working hours can help employees to achieve that all-important work-life balance, which can improve their overall wellbeing. For businesses, flexible working hours have also been shown to improve productivity by as much as 13 percent, letting employees work more efficiently at times that suit them best.

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