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Space does not move but people do….



Space does not move but people do….

At Select Interiors we strive to design inspiring activity based working environments that cater for the differing requirements and staff cultures within an organisation.

An in-depth analysis of who you are, what your people need to succeed and how you can optimise your office space.

By the process of receiving and developing your brief we get an  understanding of the finer details of your office refurbishment or fit out project. Your new workplace needs careful consideration and planning based on the requirements of your organisation. By evaluating your company cultures, the parameters of your new floorplate and more importantly the needs of your colleagues we can develop an ergonomic, activity-based layout that make the most of all the resources available to you 

Drill down on the detail, examining your brief and the space available

The process starts by examining your core drivers, which will no doubt include the following:

  • Financial(to reduce costs)
  • Operational(expansion or reduction within the business; desire to utilise space more efficiently)
  • People(need to improve collaboration, wellbeing or morale; reduce absenteeism)

Once we understand what you’re looking to achieve, we can create a bespoke solution that meets all your requirements into an ‘activity’ or ‘agile’ based scheme. One that amalgamates & addresses the varying and sometimes diametrically opposed needs of your teams into a cohesive, fluid layout that allows staff to be released from the chains of the standard binary options of workstation – meeting room

Typically, we seek to analyse your workspace from multiple perspectives, both objective and subjective. A space utilisation study allows us to understand how your current workplace performs and identify inefficiencies in how the space is used. This study is extremely valuable because it’s the basis of figuring out how your organisation can work smarter.

Activity Based Working: Spatial Design Considerations

When developing the activity based working model each activity-based space must consider the following characteristics before being applied the building architecture

  • Required spatial adjacencies
  • Relevant positioning on spectrum of open vs closed
  • Appropriate position on interactive vs private spectrum
  • Technology required to facilitate task
  • Acoustic, ergonomic and lighting considerations
  • Key functionality and tasks
  • Defining adoption and usage protocol
  • Measuring effectiveness of space

Activity based working Macro planning strategy

In order to develop the spaces that make up the activity based working model we must evaluate what’s required on the spectrum of ‘open vs closed’ and ‘interactive vs private’ as illustrated in the bubble charts


Above is an example illustrating how we applied the research into the space planning process

Space plan, layout, BIM model and sections / elevations of proposed scheme for London based TAG group incorporating data from consultation with staff and management

See links below to view the scheme

Activity based working transforms the traditional paradigm of desk / meeting room binary structure to a more fluid flexible use of the space. The workplace environment should enable spaces to cater for each different activity relevant to an organisation and it’s people

‘’ Space does not move but people do, employees occupy the most relevant space that best facilitates a particular task’’

C.P. Brown MD Select Interiors Ltd

The example below designed by the award-winning Levitt Bernstein Architects perfectly illustrates the activity based working model whereby differing meeting spaces are incorporated into the footprint. From bench style communal table adjacent the kitchen / coffee area for either the social or solitary bird which is placed away from main desk spaces. The social ‘camp fire’ area with circular table to the formal boardroom catering for differing requirements and cultures / personalities. The fit out and bespoke furniture by Select Interiors Ltd see all images

Levitt Bernstein Architects brilliant example of activity-based / agile design by the RIBA award winning team of Architects, fit out and bespoke furniture by Select Interiors Ltd

The example below illustrates the same theoretical approach within the confines of a more compact space than the example above. The design, fit out & furniture by Select Interiors Ltd for Intelligent Conversation is another activity’ based model. The scheme incorporates a dual-purpose kitchen / breakout / ‘brain storming’ area with large format screens / magnetic whiteboard wall as well as the usual kitchen facilities. We incorporated a high acoustic back meeting pod for informal meetings into the main space as well as a Board and traditional Meeting Room. See link for more IMAGES


Select Interiors Never Monochrome…

Latest news

Select Interiors have won a tender to design and refurbish the HQ of Metrolink, Keolis Amey   Greater Manchester Transport in Cheetham Hill.

 Scope of works includes: full interior design, submission and management of Building Control application. Full Mechanical & Electrical design, demolition, structural works, block-work, roofing, electrical, mechanical, ventilation, partitioning, suspended ceilings. Bespoke washroom IPS / cubicles, 2 kitchens, general joinery, decoration, bespoke graphics, carpet tiles, flooring & building an extension to an existing office

If you have any questions about workplace consultancy or office design and fit out ring us 0161 445 4040. Our initial consultancy and budget cost plans subject to conditions are FOC so you have nothing to lose, email

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