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Staff who believe that they are trusted and appreciated were the most important factors in helping to deliver a happy office, with boredom being the most negative factor. Trust amongst staff & management appreciating them helps to foster more workplace friendships & loyalty. Other critical factors like improving home comforts also play a key role in fostering those friendships as well as building trust and appreciation – a virtuous circle

 Rullion Third Floor Commercial Office Fit Out And Design By Select Interiors Cheshire Ltd

The scheme above incorporates the latest philosophy and design principles to encourage movement and staff collaboration. In house Coffee bar and bottle / wine fridges in a social space with high table seating / meeting and presentation area

Good office design is crucial to workplace happiness, with more than a third of respondents to a recent survey of 1000 office workers wishing they had a better designed work environment. 65% of respondents said a more diverse office environment would break up the monotony of the working day. While 70% confessed to feeling bored sitting at their desks, only 27% said they had quiet zones to escape to. When asked about the factors that helped them build better relationships with colleagues, communal social spaces and informal breakout areas were cited as some of the most important.

Rullion Third Floor Commercial Office Fit Out And Design By Select Interiors Cheshire Ltd

Rullion Third Floor Commercial Office Fit Out And Design By Select Interiors Cheshire Ltd

Interior Office Design by Select Interiors Ltd incorporating high table meeting and ‘camp fire’ informal lounge type seating with screens hardwired through table top modules to totem mounted AV screens. Lower level tables with dropped pendants in the social space and coffee area creating a stimulating range of spaces within the surrounding workstations

An inspiring working environment may be particularly important during the winter months, which 80% of respondents said negatively affected their mood and productivity.

“To get the most out of your staff you need to get the most of your office, and that includes using every sqft of floor space to offer variety and stimulation. It’s all too easy for productivity and motivation to become impacted by the seasonal impact of cold, dark, damp commutes and leaden skies, especially of course in Manchester! This malaise is a widespread issue, which businesses can easily tackle with a few simple initiatives

Rullion Third Floor Commercial Office Fit Out And Design By Select Interiors Cheshire Ltd Manchester 4

We at Select Interiors Ltd suggest introducing sit-stand desks, standing meeting tables or even ping-pong, pool or table football as the scheme above for Mediacom to encourage staff to be more active

Calibre Research Landmark Building Commercial Office Fitout And Design By Select Interiors Manchester

The boardroom table supplied and installed as part of a full design & fit out for Calibre Search ping pong or board meeting anyone…?


Foliage and interior planting for visual stimulation & calm. Select Interiors have introduced interior planting and use of natural materials taking inspiration from nature. We believe that nature-inspired materials and elements can help create more positive working environments that stimulate the senses – increasing focus and productivity, sparking creativity and reducing stress.

Sixteen3Soft furniture such as sofas and comfy chairs can improve acoustics and also provide space for informal meetings, quiet working or a break from the desk, while social spaces and communal eating areas help create interaction and therefore collaboration between staff. The soft seating above by Sixteen 3 is being utilised within and scheme by Select Interiors Ltd for recruitment specialists Rullion. Select have customised the upholstery and detailing introducing a natural hemp check design on seat covers and backs with the arms, button and zip detailing in the client’s corporate colours

Intelligent Conversation The Hive Office Fitout And Design By Select Interiors Ltd Manchester

Beautiful meeting booths incorporated into this scheme for Intelligent Conversation Manchester designed and fitted out by Select Interiors Ltd

Lighting is an important factor, we at Select Interiors are specialist at creating ambient, functional and economical lighting schemes by using the latest in LED technology and software. Select Interiors produce Lux plot plans to illustrate how lighting can be rationalised to save costs and yet provide enough luminance to conform to CIBSE guidelines

Chinese Christian Church Commercial Office Fit Out And Design By Select Interiors Cheshire Ltd Manchester 1

The Lux plot above was produced by Select Interiors Ltd for a scheme for the conversion of a 1st floor office space to a congregation and meeting venue for The Chinese Christian Church in Manchester by Select Interiors Ltd

Facilities like showers and bike storage can encourage people to be more active and therefore healthier and happier

Take the pills if you must or the last resort as illustrated below, much easier to call the design team at Select Interiors Ltd on 0161 445 4040

Happy 1

Following are a small selection of design / concept drawings by Select Interiors Ltd for a variety of clients – Capital Properties, Google, Pane au Vin Restaurant, The Museum of Science & Industry and

Scince Industry And Playcom Manchester Sesin

Science Industry And Playcom Manchester Sesin By Select Interiors Manchester

This pop up cafe and terrace space was designed by Select Interiors Ltd for Capital Properties out of a shipping container

Pane Vino Bar Fitout And Deisgn By Select Interiors Cheshire Limited Manchester

Pane Vino Bar Fitout And Deisgn By Select Interiors Cheshire Limited Manchester 1

The scheme above is at the Google campus we at Select Interiors liked the creative concept for meeting and kitchen space




Up Fitness Gym Commercial Fitout Manchester By Select Interiors Before 2

 Before Images

Up Fitness Gym Commercial Fitout Manchester By Select Interiors After 2

After Images


After image of the lounge, scope of works; demolition, removal of asbestos, plumbing and showers to 6 en-suite bathrooms, separate flat (2 fitted out incl hallway). Design and fit out of luxury Penthouse bathroom, bespoke kitchen with beautiful smoked oak flooring throughout


The Hive Rapport Building Work Manchester Select Interiors Commercial Office Fit Out 2

Before Images

Intelegent Conversation Manchester Commercial Office Fitout By Select Interiors 2

Rapport The Hive Commercial Office Fitout By Select Interiors Manchester

After Images


Please click the link for further images of Select Interiors projects

We at Select Interiors judge the success of the buildings and places we design by the way people use and enjoy them – the clients who commission them, the people who inhabit them. Good design is about helping clients meet their needs and objectives. It is also about the way people feel when they experience it, a sense of meaning, connection and belonging

We hope that the above blog will give you the reader a snapshot of what we are up to, what we have recently completed and an idea of our processes and ethos. We are always striving to improve our service through investment in training, technology and of course staff 

Why not give us the opportunity of being of service ring Martha, Carl, Umair or Fatima on 0161 445 4040

The team at Select Interiors would like to thank all the clients above for their valued enquiries and business

Signed the Select Team

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