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Top 7 Interior Design Trends for 2020



2020 is fast approaching which means that there are new design trends on the horizon!

A new year means a fresh start not just for burning off all those holiday calories, but it’s also the perfect time to revamp your office. If you need a steer on where office interiors are going for 2020, here are a few trends that Select Interiors Ltd believes will make your scheme stand out.

Herringbone Floors

Timber veneered_Flooring_Select Interiors

Timber veneered engineered floating floor in reception, beautiful, visually stimulating and inviting in this London Office.

Herringbone LVT, carpet tiles and timber have been on an upward trend for years now, so much so that you can find this geometric patterned anything, anywhere. The only problem with geometric patterns being so popular is that it’s on everything–cups, notebooks, wallpaper, couches, bedding, art, floors, light fixtures, and other decor. It’s so easy to overdo it, but don’t expect geometric designs to be going away anytime soon. That’s why 2020 is all about geometric balance. You can still make a statement with bold and vibrant, warm inviting herringbone flooring. Stick with more classic plain velvet or plain wool mix for chairs and upholstery.

Select Interiors_herringbone carpet tiles

See the scheme above by Select Interiors Ltd utilising herringbone carpet tiles to good effect with 3 other design trends – lighting and partitions tracks in Black, planting scheme (Biophilic Design) and bespoke raw metal shelving.


Back To Black

Select Interiors_Capital & Centric_Black Theme

Scheme fitted out by Select Interiors for Capital & Centric HQ, designed by UTH Studios with Black as the main theme, curtains to section off areas, lighting & furniture.

Black is back and bigger than ever! Interior design firms predict that “black everything,” from cabinets to sinks, paint, and countertops will be one of the top trends in 2020. Black walls, finishes, and furniture can make your home look high end and on-trend. One of the reasons Black has been so off putting to consumers in the past is because there’s this assumption that black makes a room look smaller and it can feel a little claustrophobic. You can combat that problem by including contrasting colours as the scheme above with Taupe ease this concern. We’re looking forward to bold and matte blacks next year!


Pink_Velvet Theme_Select Interiors

A recent installation in a Reception for a media company that combines the trend for Pink & velvet.

Velvet may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s going to be steaming hot and trendy in 2020. It’s the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. When most people think of velvet, they’re often thinking about the old red velvet upholstery of yesteryear. This year and into the next, interior design firms are taking a deep dive into velvet design options, particularly for sofas. And, our colour options are wider than ever. We’re talking vibrant blues, pinks, burnt orange being the top tip for staying ahead of the crowd. The possibilities for velvet furniture in 2020 are endless.

Lucid Group_Velvet_Select Interiors

See the scheme above for Lucid Group that combines the trend for Velvet, Biophilia and strong Geometric splash backs.

Biophilia Design

Biophilic design scheme_herringbone carpet tiles_Select Interiors

Biophilia is a new trend that incorporates human design and natural elements in a way that doesn’t seem manufactured. In the past few years, our society has grappled with climate change and sustainability. A lot of consumers want to have a stylish home, yet it still incorporates organic elements from the environment. Interior design firms have heeded that call. Recycled wood can be used for chairs, tables, and floors while plants can contribute to your home’s organic aesthetic while still promoting a clean, environmentally friendly home. High tech homes were in, but 2020 is all about getting back and giving back to nature. Bedrooms and bathrooms are transformed into ethereal spaces created by using rich earthy elements including metals, wood, and stone.

Feminine Tones Interior Design

Feminine Tones_Select Interiors

Interior design firms are pushing feminine tones straight through 2019 and into 2020 with variations of pink. These tones are all about varying shades of pink, but they’re more subtle. Blush, millennial pink, bronze, taupe, and other light pink shades will work together and paired with Grey is a classic combination.

Wellness Trading_Feminine Tones_Select Interiors

See the example above where feminine tones have been used in a scheme for Wellness Trading, raw soft shade concrete large format tiles and textured Hemp Grey & wool mix Pink.

Botanical Wallpaper

Botanical Theme_Select Interiors

Floral & botanical fabrics and wallpaper are other retro turned-contemporary trends to look for in 2020. Florals have technically been around for a long time. Traditionally, florals work well on wallpaper. Wallpaper trends today incorporate floral patterns of different sizes and colour patterns with a strong trend for larger scale botanical patterns as feature walls and backdrops. There is a strong attraction to vibrant colours like Greens, Mustards, hints of Pink and contrasting darker colours that will make your walls pop. The same is true today, but 2020 florals are an abstract chic rendition of this interior design classic.


Raw Metals In Interior Design

Raw Metals_Select Interiors

Metals are going to be all over the place in 2020. We’re talking silver, gold, tin, and as in the image above raw steel. Tin panels are predicted to be a popular backsplash option for kitchens. The mixed metal decor trend will also be popular. Old Gold and bronze metals will work well together. Be careful not to mix more than three metals in one space, or your decor could become way too busy and overwhelming for one room. The right interior design firm can help you find balance.

Scope of works includes electrical, data, glazed & retractable partitions, flooring, decoration, graphics, signage & furniture.   

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