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6 Trends for Office and Workspaces Design for 2018



Top 6 Dynamic Trends for Office and Workspaces Design for 2018 as Predicted by the Select Interiors Ltd Team.

In today’s world, it’s important to have an office space that functions according to your businesses needs and enhances the performance of those who work within its walls. Therefore, the design of your office is so important and why design trends are constantly changing and adapting to the demands of businesses. It directly impacts our ability to work and be at our most productive, attentive, and creative every day that we step foot in our workplace.

Design plays a huge role in our lives. The goal of designers, architects, and contractors is to go beyond creating buildings that are sustainable and energy efficient, and to work with the occupants to design spaces that help make them more efficient, productive, and inspired. With well-being, firmly in place as a design staple, new movements have emerged from the trends of yesterday that are being implemented in offices around the world, making people happier, healthier, and more excited than ever to walk into work each day.

This evolving landscape of the workplace requires innovative thinking. Staying ahead of the curve is just as important in attracting top talent as it is keeping your existing workforce and working with thousands of major employers throughout the country. The Select team see first-hand what trends are emerging and that we think have longevity. After analysis of trends including colours, fabrics, materials and the emergence of space creation to engender wellbeing the team has identified six groups that are driving business designs today. As businesses begin to look at what their plans are for 2018

Example of an unconventional workspace incorporated into a underused atrium for a property company in Gateshead designed and fitted out by Select Interiors Ltd

Conventional workplaces are increasingly being phased out and replaced with collaborative spaces which encourage innovation, motivation and productivity. Millennials, coupled with the digital age have largely been drivers for this interior design change. 2018 will see this movement continue with the following office design trends predicted.


  1. Unconventional work spaces. Office designers and architects are integrating unconventional work spaces into their floorplates. This movement stems from so called ‘millennials’, who prefer collaborative, open plan work spaces which bring colleagues together in unplanned encounters. These spaces can be anything from a living room, breakout areas or casual meeting rooms with bean bags, plants and greenery – through to snack bars or meditation spaces complete with yoga mats

See example above designed and fitted out by Select Interiors Ltd for Mediacom a breakout / kitchen is also an informal collaborative meeting space. The seating plinths is wired for power / data and HTMI cabling to wall mounted screen surrounded by acoustic upholstery. A kitchen, juice and coffee bar was incorporated, what more could a millennial want?

2. Bringing home to work. This ties in with unconventional work spaces and is based around making offices feel more comfortable and homely. Think comfy couches and relaxed seating, game rooms, beer fridges, bars, fireplaces, showers and for larger companies, restaurants or cafeterias. It’s about creating a workplace where people want to be and a little bit of home in the office does just that. 

See example TV lounge / breakout with Coffee / Juice Bar & adjacent games area for Strategic People in Tower 12 Spinningfields

3     Greenery and nature. More a long-standing design principle than a trend, this is not just about adding a few plants here and there around the office. This goes much further, integrating nature through the building in the form of textures, patterns, plants and natural lighting. Think living walls, water fountains and more glass to boost natural light levels. Plants help with concentration, increase a sense of well-being and remove contaminants. This movement is particularly popular in areas where nature is not easily accessible, such as CBD offices in larger cities. 

See our blog on Biophilic Design


See example above, bespoke mobile Green walls for a property company in Wimbledon by Select Interiors Ltd

4     Dynamic spaces. This is not a new trend – the last 2-3 years have seen dynamic spaces rise in popularity – and 2018 will see this growth continue. Dynamic spaces are moveable, continually changing and allow different people to work in different ways to best suit them. These modern office designs appeal to employees, giving them the choice of where and how they wish to work with flexible furniture to suit. Co-working spaces will become more popular – for example, meeting rooms which are under-utilised could also serve as breakout spaces or quiet spaces, making more efficient use of space. More places to house casual, impromptu meetings will feature throughout offices. 

5. Incorporating technology. Many modern office furniture designs now incorporate technology through technology ports, docking stations, cable management systems, and easy to reach power points. The example image below includes high end cable management and smart technology solutions such as electric towers for multi plug use. The bespoke reception desk features integrated power-points and Polycom system

See example above Polycom system installed into a scheme designed by Adrian Taylor & Chris Britton and fitted out by Select Interiors Ltd

6. The importance of colour. This will continue to grow, with businesses choosing furnishings and colours based on how they make people feel.  See our blog on Use of Colour

See example above for Mediacom, different floors and working teams were given coloured wall and floor features with colour coordinated ventilation valves sprayed to match the scheme by Select Interiors Ltd

Design has a huge effect on our state of mind, and can make us feel happier, more inspired and more productive. It’s vital to create an inviting and enjoyable workspace which staff look forward to coming to each day.

We at Select Interiors know it makes sense to create office environments that not only make the most efficient use of space but that also encompasses the latest trends and principles highlighted above, ameliorating the negative effects of densely populated spaces. We design with staff well-being in mind which hopefully enables you the employer to have a happier and therefore healthier workforce.  Recruiting and retaining the new generation means investing in good design and space planning.

Examples below of before and after images by Select Interiors office design and fit out Manchester’s new showroom and office including an exciting new showroom for a ceramic distributor.





Delapidated damp shell to Select Interiors Ltd’s new showroom and offices


Ventilation and fire resistant glazed slots between Select Interiors Ltd showroom and Verde Ceramic Tiles Ltd

Polished concrete floors

 Showroom (not complete), presentation area

Samples library

Select Interiors Manchester’s new office and showroom taking shape…

Conversion of disused basement junk area to swish offices with controlled environment, daylight luminaires, glazed meeting room, kitchen. The ground floor was given a facelift with new reception and desks, screens, power, data & colour scheme


We at Select Interiors judge the success of the buildings and places we design by the way people use and enjoy them – the clients who commission them, the people who inhabit them. Good design is about helping clients meet their needs and objectives. It is also about the way people feel when they experience it, a sense of meaning, connection and belonging

Please click the link for further images of Select Interiors projects

Some of the projects above will be the subject of further blogs, the majority of the works above are repeat business, which would indicate we are doing something right.

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The team at Select Interiors would like to thank all the clients above for their valued enquiries and business.

Signed the Select Team

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