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Truth to materials is an architectural theory based on the idea that materials should be used where they are most appropriate, and without their innate ‘natural’ qualities being concealed. To realise the beauty of materials in their raw state


Examples of this theory in practice include:

  • Exposed concreteleft unpainted, with shuttering marks un-sanded.
  • Timber’s natural grain left unpolished, paintedor stained.
  • Copper’s natural patina left untouched.
  • Steelworkleft exposed
  • Raw masonry walls exposed
  • Exposed galvanised lighting containment and track


As a theory, it is most closely associated with modernist architecture & design and in particular associated with the Bauhaus movement. Whose basic tenant was that materials should be used in their most ‘honest’ form, without changing their nature

In practice, truth to materials requires sensitivity on the part of the designer and the craftsman who works with the material. Both parties should be aware of how materials can be drilled, sawn, shaped, etc., without damaging them or rendering them unsafe or unstable. The art is the balance between imaginative vision and creativity of the designer and the most appropriate use of the materials.

To realise the vision the craftsmen and builders must manufacture, install and build carpentry, masonry and other elements within a scheme. We at Select Interiors have our own workshop facility for bespoke joinery, and our own craftsmen build and install on site. We are a small company that runs a ‘tight ship’, our small but perfectly formed joinery workshop, showroom and offices enable us to be both competitive and to offer a truly bespoke fit out service for Architects, Developers, Offices, Retail, Leisure, Bars and Restaurants

See example above of bespoke joinery produced in our workshop using the principles of ‘truth to materials.’ The Birch ply, exposed edges, manufactured using economical laminated plywood. Select Interiors craftsmen realised the vision of designers Adrian Taylor & Chris Britton, Note the secret door leading to a ‘quiet room all beautifully executed by our own site carpenters for Rapport in the Northern Quarter, Manchester

Close up detail of bespoke joinery, Birch faced ply fitted bookcases, concealed door and storage

See above another example truth of materials and craftsmanship. The team built a Green Oak structural frame for serial Restauranteur and bon viveur Steve Pilling and The Northern Restaurant Group. The Oak sections were selected from logs by Select Interiors Manging Director Carl, the structural material was machined to our specification with a slight chatter finish. The handrail, newel posts and spindles were machined to a finer degree and hand finished on site. The frame was cut, assembled and fashioned on site by Select craftsmen. The Green Oak was left untreated to age to acquire a beautiful patina, raw, honest and crafted with love & care


Select Interiors craftmen creating bespoke on site raw timber bar counters from off the shelf cabinets, using reclaimed timber and partially sanding to create a pre-used but clean scandi look for eight pop up resturant operators and Allied London Estates. Select Interiors craftsmen creating a Scandi influenced Restaurant scheme for Allied London Estates using raw plywood for tops laminated on site with hygienic panels. An economical, creative use of raw materials an example of truth of materials in practice

See pellet detail above, staggered boards were bonded onto off the shelf units, then drilled and pellet glued and shaved by chisel leaving the end of the plugs proud to give a craft look & feel

See above the finished product, raw partly sanded, concrete floor, ply edges exposed on high table worktops. The raw, honest and scandi / truth of materials design was a collaboration between Su Wilkinson, Allied London and Select Interiors Ltd.

See example above of a Coffee Shop design and fit out using a batch of vintage painted boards delivered to site in a bundle. Still using the same principal and design process, although the boards were painted, they had acquired the patina of age, variable fading, scratches and other imperfections added to the simple beauty of the materials. We married the material with cast concrete worktops, shuttering plywood shelving, OSB board ceilings and polished concrete flooring. All crafted on site by the Select Interiors team


Recent Projects by Select Interiors

See examples of recent fit outs for the following companies



Please click the link for further images of Select Interiors projects

Some of the projects above will be the subject of further blogs, the majority of the works above are repeat business, which would indicate we are doing something right.

The team at Select Interiors would like to thank all the clients above for their valued enquiries and business

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