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Wellbeing at work is about much more than fruit on desks and subsidised gym memberships!



So many people are interested in fitness now, being healthy, looking good, working out and wearing the associated fashionwear, so called Ath Leisure. The successful TV series Love Island features a bevy of scantily clad buff bodies and has probably contributed to this trend

Employers should actively encourage healthier lifestyles which will reap benefits in terms of reduced absenteeism, increased wellbeing and better staff engagement. The Tax man is even in on this trend with the introduction in 1999 of the successful Cycle to Work Scheme by offering an annual tax exemption to purchase cycles and cycle safety equipment. This successful scheme has encouraged new groups of people to take up physical activity which has had a measurable positive impact on workplace health and employee motivation

Image of design & fit out for Mayfair base Upfitness by Select Interiors Ltd

Gym memberships, as an employer you may be able to negotiate with local gyms and leisure centres to secure a discounted membership rate to pass on to your employees – this can be up to 20% – 30% cheaper than the normal price although this does not attract much help from the HMRC the returns are manifold. Research has consistently shown the benefits to employers though intangible are repaid through better health & wellbeing

See image of the expanding chain of American style Gyms who’s results driven workouts and case studies of before and after transformed the UK market. Select Interiors are currently tendering for a new branch in Manchester

If you’re a larger employer you can provide your own tax-free recreational or sports facilities depending on your circumstances, you can choose to provide facilities such as a workplace gym though the investment in acoustic upgrading and equipment means it’s probably only for corporate giants. In our experience even with the investment it’s hard to complete with the facilities provided by the like of Barry’s Boot Camps, Upfitness & Pure Gyms


See plan layout with highlighted bubble, concept – mood board for the rapidly expanding Push Dr group with bespoke Gym within the office footprint by Select Interiors Ltd

Wellbeing at work is about much more than fruit on desks and subsidised gym memberships. Nearly 63% of UK employees experience stress in their jobs with 1 in ten saying their jobs are very stressful. Smart / progressive organisations are recognising that Creating a working environment that encourages good health fosters a more stable workforce. It also helps facilitate better team relationships, which in turn drives employee satisfaction, performance and morale

Staff are a company’s most valuable asset, companies should invest in their interior design and fit outs. At Select Interiors we aim to create agile work environments that provide a better work experience and improve staff loyalty. We aim to incorporate ergonomic workspaces that inspire  

Alongside introducing flexible working policies, organisations are rethinking how the design of the workplace impacts health, wellbeing and productivity. Employers should supply healthy food or drinks to encourage healthy options and thus entrench the ethos

Image above a fit out by Select Interiors for international fitness brand UpFitness in St Johns, Manchester for UpFitness and the mighty Allied London

Employees are an organisation’s most important asset, companies that promote and protect workers’ health are building a culture dedicated to the overall wellbeing and happiness of employees. These businesses are likely to see higher levels of staff engagement and productivity, helping them become more successful and competitive in the long-term

Image of project by Select Interiors Ltd for CBES & Wigan Council opened by Andy Burnham the Mayor of Manchester



Rullion 3D model 

The scheme below designed by Select Interiors has wellbeing, agile workspaces, coffee and juice areas, informal camp fire meeting spaces as well as private ‘quiet’ booths all incorporated in the floorplate for Rullion Group in Altrincham

If you’re going to ask your people to sit on 5ft-long benches like the interior scheme above for Rullion Group Ltd executives need to have embraced the ‘open door’ culture of no barriers and to be fully in the mix. Most executives would probably prefer to maintain full floor-to-ceiling glass offices, but this is increasingly seen as outdated.

Select Interiors Manchester office designers have incorporated informal ‘camp fire’ meeting spaces with AV screens on totems for internal meetings and of course coffee breaks. The areas feature shag pile carpet, feature dropped pendant lighting, high backed sofas with low backed chairs

The design above for Rullion Group Ltd feature high table social spaces and a little more space between desks which conflicted with client brief for capacity. Select Interiors design team incorporated some space on the ground floor which was underutilised as Boardroom

The new Black is an open-door policy and a willingness to engage with staff “on the floor”. The open-door policy extends to allowing their private offices to be used for other purposes – as mini-conference rooms see example below where Select Interiors Manchester Office Designers and Fit Out Company have designed and rationalised 12,000.00 sqft of office space for Rullion Group over three floors of Mansion House in Altrincham. Rather than packing staff in like people factories


The scheme above incorporates a system called Activity Based Working (ABW), which does away with personal cubicles and corner offices. Instead, employees can choose to work in a variety of spaces, from private meeting booths, casual seating area to a coffee bar / high table social space


Please click the link for further images of Select Interiors projects

Some of the projects above will be the subject of further blogs, the majority of the works above are repeat business, which would indicate we are doing something right.

The team at Select Interiors would like to thank all the clients above for their valued enquiries and business


Signed the Select Team

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