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What does your office interior say about your business?



Each office has its own unique purpose and the best office designs are focused on the people using them and enhancing their productivity. Your office should be a representation of your brand and certain design styles have become synonymous with different sectors. The workplace is made up of a diverse network of individuals and businesses should benefit from recognising and catering for the diverse requirements of personality types and the needs of different departments

But what does your office design say about your company?

The following are 5 examples of different design styles and what they say about the client’s brand, identity and company culture

  1. Modern Office Design- Capital Properties – Tower 12 Spinningfields

High-end finishes and privacy are a key requirement for this Property Management Company – lots of meeting rooms and private offices create a more traditional workplace environment. The combination of glass and bright graphics creates a professional atmosphere, the spaces are individual and have full AV facilities with flexible lighting and comfortable seating by Select Interiors Ltd. This kind of work space benefits from staff initiative with large breakout space and drinks / entertainment area housed within the reception

Please see the short film example of a design & fit out as described above

     2. Industrial Office Design –Hello – Allied London in St John’s Quarter

More companies are embracing the industrial style and challenging the traditional conventions of the workplace. Embracing the raw characteristics of the architecture like polished concrete flooring and exposed services. The stripped back aesthetic and industrial metal fixtures are features that reflect the energetic brand that wanted to move away from traditional layouts and design. It enabled greater collaboration and encouraged innovation within an open, collaborative workplace as illustrated by the mobile bespoke work benches

     3. Scandinavian Office Design – Rapport in the Northern Quarter

The key principles of Scandinavian design; clean, bright space with natural elements and subtle pops of colour. This creates the sense of spaciousness and a calm atmosphere which ties into reliability and trust. The uncomplicated design at Rapport by Adie Taylor & Chris Britton fit out by Select Interiors Ltd embraces this style and reflects the businesses youthful, creative outlook

Please see below a short film of the project which illustrates the above style

4. Eclectic & Bold Office Design – Strategic People Tower 12 Spinningfields

Brightly coloured furniture, graphics and flooring, unique meeting & breakout spaces and quirky detailing is part of the eclectic and bold style showcasing the creative energy at Strategic. The office is filled with a mixture of styles, textures and design elements that energise the space to make it a distinct, memorable office. The personality of your brand show come through in your office design and this style makes an impact.

5. Architectural Office Design – OEA Architects

Stark white walls, Aluminium full height doors, link bridge with simple glazed balustrades and exposed metal deck ceilings. Designed by OEA Architects and fitted out by Select Interiors Ltd. The offices are filled with light from high windows and ceilings enabling a mezzanine level to be built. The style is minimal with large format black mat ceramic tiled floors with underfloor heating. The finishes and aesthetic are clean, bright and architectural reflecting the practices ethos

Please see short film of phase 2 of this project

As office design & fit out experts, we understand how to communicate your company culture, brand identity and business values through your office space. The differing personalities and cultures within different departments can be successfully integrated into any workplace with thoughtful space planning and design. Select Interiors have a collaborative, integrated design approach that takes the lead not only from a client brief but from staff to create beautiful interiors inspired by you and your staff

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