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Workplaces that work

Suddenly everyone’s talking employee experience. And about time. It’s a given that engaged employees invest more discretionary effort, progress faster and stay longer.

So, developing engaged employees is good business practice, because staff turnover is an expensive problem. It costs British businesses around £4.13 billion every year. Employee inertia, a side effect of discontent, is also costly. That’s why conversations about employee experience being the foundation of engagement should interest every employer.

We at Select Interiors are constantly researching techniques for occupier clients and their consultants to measure employee workplace experience. A recent paper we’ve discovered research on 3,750+ workplaces & impact 525,000+ employees across 91 countries. Using the information has helped ours & other designers & architects with the insight to better tune workplace design to employee needs.

The research exposed that a third of employees disagree that their workplace creates an enjoyable environment in which to work. A similar number report that their workplace fails to evoke any sense of community spirit. And only half feel proud to welcome visitors to their office. How could we possibly expect these employees to be engaged? These workplaces are performance liabilities.

What’s also clear from the survey results is that we have to stop thinking about the workplace as a necessary ‘commodity’ cost which needs to be constantly driven down. With the rise of the knowledge-worker in Britain’s economy, business success and, indeed the success of UK plc, is increasingly dependent on how well our workspaces are set up to support people who think for a living

In the current jobs market with historically low unemployment, it’s time for companies to realise the value in good design, quality flooring, furnishings, lighting, planting and infrastructure to nurture and arm employees with the tools necessary to work comfortably and efficiently. In doing so those in the design industry have challenged the over-used ‘work is a thing you do not a place you go’ idiom by creating work destinations where employees do want to go to and maybe cynically stay longer!

Think about the workplace experience as a value-adding resource designed to help people work at peak levels that reflect the organisational culture and that caters to staff comfort and wellbeing. This means investment in good design & facilities. It means a culture change from quantity surveyors and management driving the budget to a more creative and integrated approach to costs & requirements and instead of an acknowledgement of experience-related holistic experience of the workplace and the long-term benefits of better retention and staff morale. Doing so will ensure that businesses maximise their investment in the design & fit out costs (within reason), with the emphasis on the value it brings, not simply the cost. To quote Oscar Wilde a cynic knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing 

Latest News…

Select Interiors are currently designing a new Call Centre for the rapidly expanding Miller Vanguard in Bury. 

The brief to create a dynamic new call centre for 45 staff, the client used the term ‘with screens like Nasa’’ which we at Select loved. See above excepts from 2 & 3 D layout and mood board images. Select Interiors have developed the brief incorporating an acoustic cantilevered ceiling with 900mm radial dimmable LED luminaires, mechanical / ventilation and full fit out 

We recently completed design & fit out of one of the sister companies within the Miller Vanguard Group – Serviceline Ltd in Letchworth and are now working on the scheme above, Select received a call from a Group Board meeting and was told by Senior Manager Craig Hill that they were very pleased with fit out and all the effort the Select team put into a short lead-time design and fit out. The scheme had to be designed & fitted out within 8 weeks from initial enquiry including full application to Building Control 

Select Interiors Manchester Shop & Office Fitters have been invited to tender for the roll out Ezra & Gil, one of the Northern Quarter’s busiest coffee shops, is preparing to open a second site in Manchester city centre.

The popular brunch spot has snapped up for the former Subway site on Peter Street, close to Manchester Central Library and on the same stretch as Albert’s Schloss, Rudy’s and the Peaky Blinders bar.

The new cafe will have around 65 covers, making it slightly smaller than the 95-cover original site on Hilton Street, which opened in 2015 and has been busy ever since.

Scope of works include: demolition, partitioning, mechanical, electrical, bespoke joinery & metal fabrication, graphics, signage, flooring & site management

Select Interiors have complete a design & fit out for old friends Clarke & Clarke.

Select Interiors Manchester design & fit are proud to have designed and fitted out a new northern head office for Clarke & Clarke part of the mighty international Walker & Greenbank that incorporates premium interior design brands Zoffany, Sanderson, Morris & Co., Harlequin, Scion and Anthology. The tender for the complete re-design and fit out is particularly special as we are massive fans of Clarke & Clarke’s design, fabrics and wallpapers. To be asked to do interior design for this premium design brand is flattering and we are very grateful to Founder and Special Advisor Lee Clarke for the enquiry


Select Interiors internal 3D model for this prestigious scheme on Manchester’s Deansgate 

Select Interiors Manchester design & fit are proud to have won a tender for the complete re-design and fit out of an international firm of Property and Estate Agency in a premier location on Deansgate in a Grade II listed building.

Select Interiors have recently completed a fit-out project for Bury Council and the charitably run Mosses Centre a refurbishment and fit out of a Nursery, Main Lounge / Hall / Entertainment space and a commercial kitchen. Scope of works includes: Design, Asbestos management, suspended ceilings, fire strategy, LED lighting, partitions, hygienic cladding, flooring and decoration



We have just completed a redesign a group of Property Companies for international Property Developer and Property Management company owned by the young dynamic Vincent Cheng. The first project is on Manchester and the design will be rolled out to Birmingham & London 


Scope of works include electrical, data, glazed & retractable partitions, flooring, decoration, graphics, signage & furniture   

Please click the link for further images of Select Interiors projects

The team at Select Interiors would like to thank all the clients above for their valued orders and would welcome new enquiries

We at Select Interiors Manchester know It makes sense to create office environments that not only make the most efficient use of space but that incorporate a sense of fun and unique bespoke elements to every scheme 

Talk to the experts about how an engaging fit out can improve productivity and wellbeing to help attract & retain motivated staff call the Select Interiors design team on 0161 445 4040

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