Who should I use for Design & Fit Out?

Ezra and gill interior counter and kitchen

Should I use design & fit out (D&B) or go to an Architect or Independent Interior Designer? When researching potential options for your project, many business owners consider using a one-stop-shop design & fit out contractor which can do the design work as well as the fit out. In the industry, this is called ‘design and build‘ […]

‘The Office Fitout Bible’ guide to office fit out and design

Office fit out cost guide

Our guide explains the process of fit out or re-design of your office. This journey can be thrilling, rewarding and satisfying experience with the right partner. As with any construction lead project there are multiple factors that could be costly and take time and energy probably best spent driving your own business Select Interiors design […]

4 ways to incorporate Wellbeing into your Workspace

A workplace that truly supports the well- being of its occupants must go beyond just protecting their physical health. In this section we offer suggestions for achieving well-being by taking a holistic approach that addresses physical and psychological health and well-being in the workplace Design to improve mental health Numerous factors increase stress levels. Lack […]

Add Dynamism And Improve Productivity In The Office…

Numerous studies have shown that colour in the workplace affects our perception. The human eye can perceive millions of different colours, we only have the common nouns to describe a fraction of these shades. Colour can stimulate the cognitive area of the brain and affect mood and productivity.  by adding colour to your work environment […]

Fabric Trend Report 2020 snippet

Two Snippets from Camira Fabrics 2020 Trend Report which provides a barometer of trends for textiles, colours, textures and aesthetics for 2020.