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You don’t have to use cash or bank loans to fund your fit out. Our finance partner at Plus finance can provide a free consultation when you mention ‘select interiors’. 

Leasing is a tax-efficient and cost-effective method of achieving your fit out goals whilst retaining cash in your business. It’s a very established form of finance for other business assets (for example company vehicles), but the benefits apply equally to commercial interior projects. 

You may not be aware aware you can lease an interiors/fit out project, but it’s a cost effective and tax efficient alternative to using cash or bank facilities. Offering customers a lease finance option could help turn more prospects into customers.

 The finance landscape is changing;
businesses are moving away from traditional
methods (bank loans & overdrafts) and
increasingly using alternative finance options
including leasing.
Maximise cash flow – no large upfront
Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Leasing
means no large up-front payment so you
keep the cash in your business, preserving
liquidity and freeing up valuable working
capital for use elsewhere.
Fixed payments for accurate budgeting
Unlike other methods of finance, payments
are fixed for the duration of the lease period
making budgeting more accurate, and
eliminating unexpected variations such as
increases in interest rates.

Tax advantages
If you lease your furniture and fitout project,
the repayments are 100% allowable against
taxable profit. As the only method of finance
offering these tax savings, leasing is the most
tax efficient methodof financing a fitout. For
high tax paying organisations, it can offer
significant savings. In some cases it can even
work out cheaper than paying with cash!

Maximise cashflow and drive growth

Fast payments that work in sync with the programme

Tax-efficient and cost-effective solutions


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