How To Cost Up An Office Fit-Out

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At Select Interiors, we understand the importance of careful budgeting and cost analysis in planning an office fit-out . We know that staying within budget while achieving the desired results is crucial for our clients. That’s why we’ve created this guide to walk you through the process of estimating and managing office fit-out costs effectively. […]

Bringing nature indoors: Biophilic design in the office

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In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, many of us spend the majority of our day indoors, in office spaces that often lack a connection to the natural world. However, research shows that incorporating natural elements into design in the office can have numerous benefits for both employees and businesses. This has led to the rise […]

Productivity and Privacy: Exploring Office Partitions for Your Workspace

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Productivity And Privacy Office partitions play a key role in optimising space, providing privacy where required and promoting collaboration and a clear open no solid walls between management and staff. An understanding the options and considering the unique needs of your organisation, you can make an informed decision to enhance productivity by supporting your team […]

Workspace Design For Health and Wellbeing

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Workspace Design For health and Wellbeing In today’s fast-paced work environment, prioritising wellbeing in the office is essential for both employees and employers. The design of the workspace plays a significant role in promoting wellbeing and can have a profound impact on motivation, productivity, and overall health. Gone are the days when the office was […]

Commercial Interior Design

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The Importance of Commercial Interior Design Our latest blog explores the importance of commercial interior design for businesses, landlords, and developers. Creating a welcoming office environment that prioritises health, wellbeing, and comfort essential, as the working environment has a significant impact on employee satisfaction and productivity. A successful contemporary workspace should encompass both communal and […]

5 Key Differences Between CAT A and CAT B Fit Outs Explained

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1. Level of Completion CAT A fit outs are typically finished to a shell and core state, meaning it still requires further infrastructure & fittings to make the space habitable. This includes build elements: – computer access flooring, plasterboard partitions, suspended ceilings, heating / cooling, electrical & lighting. A CAT B fit out is complete […]

5 Office Design Trends for 2023

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The 5 top office design trends for 2023 We love looking at office design trends and December is a great time to look ahead. This year Clerkenwell Design Week brought us some fantastic insights into emerging office design trends and we find it useful, alongside our own ‘future trends’ report, to keep ahead of what […]

What does an office fit out cost?

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While there is no definitive answer as to the costs of an office fit out, there certainly are a range of aspects to be considered. This can often be too general or inaccurate to assist in decision making – after all, your project will be unique, defined & based on factors such as size, location […]