Inspiration for your space

How your office space looks and feels can have a big impact on mood and thus productivity of employees. If you’re planning an office fit out and are struggling to come up with ideas, this comprehensive guide is here to help. We’ve gathered inspiration and tips that will help you create a functional and aesthetically appealing workspace for you and your team.

Whether is be a minimalist aesthetic like the example illustrated for REFY using mid century furniture and lighting or a creative agile type space as illustrated in the image below for LDA Architects 

Minimal mid-century inspired design + fit out

office refurbishment

"There’s no shortage of places to find inspiration for your office fit out. Whether it’s browsing social media platforms or attending industry events, there are countless opportunities to gather ideas and stay up-to-date with current office trends".

Places to gather inspiration

To start gathering inspiration for your office fit out, consider browsing popular social media platforms & websites like Instagram, Pinterest, Dezeen, and OnOffice. These websites and platforms are a great source of inspiration for interior designers and architects to keep abreast of current trends and styles. There are also resource libraries and showrooms i.e. Manchester’s Materials Source or Materials Lab in London.

You could also attend industry events like trade shows or conferences like the Workplace Design Show in Islington & Clerkenwell Design Week which are great places to view the latest products and office furniture, fixtures, finishes & lighting. Additionally, you may find inspiration by touring other offices in your area or reading design blogs and magazines. By collecting a wealth of inspiration from different sources, you can begin to create a vision for your own unique office space.

See image of an event at Clerkenwell Design Week 

office design

Alternatively you could just give us a call and we can take care of everything from initial survey & taking your brief to drawings, submission to Building Control and the fit out to completion

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