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Select Interiors – Office Refurbishment. We provide a fully in-house office refurbishment and fit out solution for your workplace

An office refurbishment is a proven way to increase employee satisfaction, drive brand awareness and identity and boost productivity. We incorporate sound design principles with the latest office interior design trends to create unique workplaces that inspire.

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Design and build is our simplified approach to the management of your Manchester office refurbishment and fit out project. 

We are creative, collaborative and client focussed office designers. Our goal is to deliver your interior project on time and on budget with complete cost transparency.

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What is an office refurbishment?

Office refurbishment involves updating and improving the interior of an existing office space. This can include everything from redecorating and installing new furniture to reconfiguring the layout and upgrading systems like lighting and HVAC.

Is office refurbishment tax deductible?

Yes, many expenses related to office refurbishment can be tax-deductible as they are considered business expenses. However, specific tax regulations can vary, so it’s important to consult with a tax professional or accountant.

What does refurbishment include?

Refurbishment can include a wide range of activities such as painting, flooring, installing new furniture, upgrading electrical systems, improving lighting, and enhancing overall office aesthetics and functionality.

What is renovation of an office?

Renovation of an office generally refers to more extensive structural changes compared to refurbishment. It can involve major alterations like tearing down walls, expanding the space, or significantly changing the office layout and infrastructure.

How do I renovate my old office?

To renovate an old office, start by assessing your needs and budget, consulting with professionals, creating a detailed plan, and ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations during the renovation process.

Is there a difference between refurbishment and renovation?

Yes, refurbishment typically involves updating and improving existing elements without major structural changes, while renovation usually involves more extensive structural modifications and redesigns.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, office furniture is generally considered a business expense and can often be claimed on your tax return. It’s best to check with a tax advisor to understand the specific rules and regulations.

Planning an office refurbishment involves setting clear goals, determining a budget, consulting with design and construction professionals, creating a timeline, and ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations.

Renovating a small office involves maximising the use of space through efficient design, selecting multifunctional furniture, optimising storage solutions, and possibly incorporating flexible work areas.

The duration of an office renovation can vary widely depending on the scope of the project. It can take anywhere from a few weeks for minor updates to several months for more extensive renovations.

The steps in office renovation typically include planning and design, budgeting, obtaining necessary permits, demolition (if needed), construction, installation of new systems and finishes, and final inspections.

A well-executed office refurbishment can add significant value by improving employee productivity and satisfaction, enhancing brand image, and potentially increasing the overall property value.

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