Six Hot Design Trends for Post Covid Workplaces

Six Hot Design Trends for Post Covid Workplaces

We're all looking at how we can make our spaces covid secure, but they also need to be great places to work. In this blog, we look at how to make your space safe and beautiful.



Every business’s vision is different, but all need a few things to make it happen: top talent, employee wellbeing, productivity, and high employee retention.

There are many ways to achieve them but having an office that employees love is key. So, what workplace design trends will we see employers go for this year?

‘Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.’  Robert L. Peters, designer and author

An environment with a thriving atmosphere, filled with the right tech and tools are the most fertile soil for growing businesses

Good design is good business.’ Thomas Watson Jr

Our design team sat down together with some good coffee to look at the hottest workplace design trends we expect to see Post-covid in 2020


Installing screens as a precaution does not have to be the design equivalent of having seats as swings in the office. As illustrated in the following images they can be beautiful, elegant and enhancement rather than just a series of barriers.

In an open plan office, privacy can be a rare luxury with only the execs enjoying the perk. The lack of walls can mean that noise levels increase, which can be distracting and frustrating for some employees. To help solve this problem simply install office screens. There are a plethora of options, Camira has an almost limitless range of fabrics, colours and finishes and virtually the whole range is suitable. Screens can also be mobile & free standing to easily section off areas for meetings/training and a variety of uses. Think versatile office partition screens can help provide visual, physical and acoustic barriers in the workplace. Acoustic office screens help when employees want to hold impromptu discussions, as well as creating a secluded area for those who wish to work quietly in an open plan space.

See the beautiful example to the left of bespoke desks and screen system, note the low and high-level desking

The mobile three-person Acoustic office screens & desk pod is ideal where employees want a little bit of privacy and to concentrate on the task in hand. The inward-looking design makes a statement, I do not want to be disturbed, the unit is compact and can be moved around for fluid space options subject to power/data points. It’s a secluded area for those who wish to work quietly in an open plan space.

Desk screens can be retro-fitted and as above can be clear acrylic or fabric.

Art at work

Subtle art prints with Charcoal background & bespoke black steel frames as screens for both beauty and practicality. This incorporates two post-Covid trends screens and art at work

Motivational quotes as graphics have been prevalent and are now being replaced with subtler bespoke artwork and graphics.

Traditional art prints are available in a staggering variety, go for large format & be bold. The images are examples of how to incorporate art into the workplace, the most creative we’ve seen is the one above used as dividers/screens for the classiest of social distancing options. Art will add a sprinkle of creative magic & harmony to visually enrich the workplace, you will not need gauche motivational quotes

Bespoke large format print edited on photoshop with a Pink background gives a visual pop to an alcove, the same could be printed on a floor to ceiling banner & be a screen as well as a visually appealing image.

Subtle art print with Charcoal background & bespoke black steel frame & timber screen, subtle & restful with nature being the theme, charcoal & greyscale backgrounds to match office desks and Black screens paired with natural, neutral timber/herringbone flooring & live planting. This scheme incorporates two other hot trends for the post-Covid office.

Large format off the shelf prints have been used to good effect in this Architect’s office. Placed above their library and bookshelves with concealed LED ‘halo’ lighting below & artifacts gives a bespoke & arty / inspirational look to get those creative juices flowing.

Scandi home/office

The Scandi style seems to be here to stay in 2020, typically uncluttered with lots of natural/neutral finishes inspire many clients’ as their ideal dream office. Easy on the eye & the senses, restful and having the ‘home in the office’ look which incorporates other ingredients in our Top Six post-Covid office design trends. Natural timber flooring, biophilia/office planting, natural wool / textural fabrics. Typically, the Scandi look is married to interiors for ‘Wellness’ which we will feature in a future blog.  Features like secure cycle stores, showers, fruit, avocados FOC in the kitchen/breakout and of course decent fresh coffee!

Scandinavian workplace design trends have an uncluttered feel about them that just seems to make for a great place to work – a large part of that is down to the fact that they don’t feel like a typical workplace. Light, airy, minimalist, soft and simple, all about the materials, natural light and planting

See office to the left designed & fitted out by Select Interiors for V Properties incorporating a planting scheme on bespoke steel & Oak shelving.

Biophilia/Planting schemes

Biophilic design has been shown to have economic, health, cultural and environmental benefits. Recent research from the field of neuroscience and endocrinology shows the crucial role that experiencing nature has for our well-being.  Five to twenty minutes in a biophilic environment can trigger a positive restorative response. These reactions are swift, automatic and unconscious we as humans have an innate and genetically determined affinity for nature. The benefits of having planting within the office are manifold and include:

  • A decrease in blood pressure, heart rate and the stress hormone
  • An increase in self-esteem and mood
  • Enhanced cognitive function, concentration and memory

These biophilic restorative responses are based upon the nature-health relationship. These restorative responses are rapid, automatic and unconscious. It is not just simply the presence of nature (planting), but fabrics, colours, textiles, textures and materials used within a scheme. The design team at Select Interiors embrace the visual connection with nature by incorporating not only interior planting/green walls but a ‘touchy-feely’ approach to materials specified for a scheme.

First, on the right, we have a beautiful scheme with planting at its heart, high table with hanging plants and a little jungle oasis around the perimeter.

See the scheme to the right, incorporating interior planting, designed by crack Architects and designers Levitt Bernstein & fitted out by Select Interiors Ltd

Neon Signage

A little bit of Neon can add a touch of bespoke pizzazz to your office, current trends of Pink and White see the images below illustrating how they lift the space. See the various examples above and below where we have used Neon signage effectively to create unique signs. The Strategic sign just riffed on their two slanted lines with flat cut lettering on reclaimed floorboards which were used in Reception.

The sign you can see to the left, we set onto a textured large format concrete tiled wall, the concrete and acrylic large lettering.

A little bit of Neon goes a long way to make a statement, bold, uber cool & probably not as expensive as you might think!

See the large format Neon it really sets the tone and the freeform below in reception area.

Live life beautifully and other aphorisms with Love being a popular word, like ours, Love Your Space in our office see the image below and Sync w designed and installed in a basement workshop for an Apple partner and dealership on Deansgate in Manchester.

This makes me smile every time I arrive in the office.

Tickled Pink

Office Interiors are incorporating feminine tones Pinks, Corals, with variations of soft earthy colours as foils. This trend makes for a warm, touchy feely working environment that is best paired with neutrals and natural textured fabrics like Camira’s Hemp range

This office in Hong Kong, to the right,  has shades of Coral & Pink/Ruby on walls and as colour block up the staircases between the floor linking the striking look. The mesh ceiling screens give dappled light-play with flooring a neutral soft concrete effect tile. The subtle use of accent colours & planting create what we think is a beautiful warm cocoon of colour, are you brave enough?

This studio office has shades of Coral & Peach on walls and laminates giving a beautiful warm ‘cocoon of colour’ with subtle shade differences & 2020’s other must have in the office Neon signage

We love these soft circular lozenges and warm Pink filters over the upright neon lights as a contrast to the hard masculine finishes and cast concrete soffits.

We at Select Interiors Manchester know It makes sense to create office environments that not only make the most efficient use of space but that incorporate a sense of fun and unique bespoke elements to every scheme!

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