6 Office Design Trends for 2021

6 Office Design Trends for 2021



Many businesses have spent quite some time away from their offices in the last year, which means you may notice things you’d like to upgrade and refresh to give it a bit of TLC. Working from home isn’t permanent and we have no doubt that the return to the office will be exciting for everyone! So, here are some eye-catching Office Interior Design Trends for 2021 to inspire you.

Resimercial design

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With working from home being the major trend in 2020, we will start to see these features reflected in new office designs in 2021 as a more casual approach to working has been established. This trend has become increasingly popular even before COVID-19 as Millennials and Gen Z are beginning to populate workforces and create a modern culture. Expect to see decorative touches such as breakout spaces, natural or ambient lighting, curtained windows, wool rugs, house plants and relaxed seating. Our design team recently embraced natural lighting, plants and designated meeting areas for VZ Properties to give their office a fresh and modern makeover.


Workplaces are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment which is why this year you can expect to see offices invest in more sustainable designs to reduce their carbon footprint. This can include features such as LED lighting and reusing or repurposing furniture, which is something Select Interiors are passionate about as we offer a Recycle and Replace scheme. We believe old furniture can be turn into something that is as good as new so, contact us to arrange a visit from our team to kickstart your transformation!

Space division with a design twist 

2021 will see workforces having to adapt to the ongoing health crisis by coming up with ways to co-divide the office. However, there are ways to make this functional, connected and visually appealing! Select Interiors have been working with various businesses such as The Mail Box to create a safe working environment by implementing screen dividers that don’t look ridiculous.

Smart offices

Where would we be now without ZOOM? Technology is a big part of most offices and we rely on it even more nowadays from virtual meetings to webinars. 2021 office refurbs will see a focus on how businesses can implement more use of technology such as designated video conference areas, sensor lighting and even touchless technologies to make movement easier!

Wellbeing centric design

Employees physical and mental wellbeing should be a main priority in any working environment and the design industry is taking note of this. Measures such as kitchens, designated seating areas to relax or libraries are on the cards for 2021 design trends as employers aim to make their staff feel as comfortable and productive as they can.

Flexible working areas

How we work has changed massively and has shaped our return to the office. Therefore, it’s hugely relevant to now, if you haven’t already, implement flexible working spaces throughout your office to give your staff the ability to move around and not sit in the same spot all day. This is also proven to boost productivity and engagement levels which is a great addition to your office culture. Our interior designs are highly experienced in selecting the right furniture for your office so you aren’t left worrying about how many desks to order – just leave it to us!

Are you considering an office refurb?

If you have had some time to think about a new design and want to give your office a 2021 transformation, then you’ve came to the right place!

We work with different companies from commercial to hospitality so there is no job too big or small for us. Get in touch today to find out how our team can help you adapt your workspace to fit the growing 2021 design trends.

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