Add Dynamism And Improve Productivity In The Office…

Add Dynamism And Improve Productivity In The Office…



Numerous studies have shown that colour in the workplace affects our perception. The human eye can perceive millions of different colours, we only have the common nouns to describe a fraction of these shades. Colour can stimulate the cognitive area of the brain and affect mood and productivity.  by adding colour to your work environment you can give your company / brand a vibrant boost  image to your employees and customers, as well as the furniture you choose – colours can compliment  the company’s brand identity and corporate culture

Orange – The colour is perfect for cold spaces, it has antidepressant qualities, it gives strength, invigorates, and stimulates the mind. It is the colour of affirmation and joy, stimulating conversation and humour. Currently in vogue as Burnt Orange velvet on sofas & chairs. See image above of an office fit out using Orange by Select Interiors Ltd for Mediacom in Spinningfields

Red – The colour of fire & passion. It’s the colour of motivation, activity and will; associated with heat and excitement, with initiative and willingness to act. Note; it is not recommended to cover large areas. The shade increases attention, is stimulating and motivating, energy, strength and vitality. It will bring walls in and unless you have a baronial mansion should be used sparingly as accent or highlight colour. See the use of Red in the image above for V Properties designed and fitted out by Select Interiors Ltd for the dynamic Vincent Cheng

Yellow – The colour of sunshine, used in low light, cold or north facing environments. It’s a light and lively colour and is currently in vogue as mustard, it conveys hope, security, warmth & positivity as in the office fit out by Select Interiors illustrated above for Levitt Bernstein

Green – The colour of calm & restfulness. Best in warm, low-ventilation spaces because it is cold and raw; green energy reflects participation, adaptability, generosity and cooperation. It also facilitates reasoning and increases awareness and is restful. Never out of fashion, Green shades are evident in interiors as Mint for decoration or rich dark Jade for fabrics . See restful Green tones on this office fit out for Intelligent Conversation by Select Interiors Ltd

Blue – The cooler customer colour, think of ice, oceans and the sky. It is a colour associated with duty, beauty and ability; the serenity of the blue conveys peace, confidence, reliability & is, with its near cousin Grey the most prevalent colour used in corporate interiors as illustrated above by Architects Synergy and fitted out by Select Interiors Ltd

Types of colour scheme


This is any variation of a single colour. Monochromatic schemes are serene and relaxing. Light tones create a relaxed delicate feel, whereas dark tones can feel moody and dramatic. Mixing light and dark tones adds interest and a touch of energy. You can’t really go wrong with a monochromatic scheme as the colours will always be in harmonyTypes of colour scheme

Complementary or Contrasting colours

These colours can be found on the opposite sides of the colour wheel, see Fig I left, such as blue and orange, red and green or purple and yellow. Used together, the colours appear brighter. A good trick is to try and select the same depth / tone of colour when mix matching with complimentary colours. Equally you can create interest by pairing a stronger complementary colour with a lighter partner, there are no rigid rules, experiment, if it looks right be brave!Types of colour scheme


Colours that are taken from a slice of the colour wheel so they are adjacent to each other can  create a harmonious balance. By using a bold or deep colour from one quadrant & a lighter from it’s opposite for impact can be quite striking. Though the adage ‘if it suites the wearer’ can apply, in a beige interiors world a storm can be refreshing, be boldI hope the blog above is food for thought, but there is no rulebook for the use of colour in the workplace – the psychology of colour is based upon the emotional responses of the individual. “The key is to balance and layer a selection of complementary and contrasting tones.  People will always have different reactions to colours, so using a good variety and contrast of colour, to refresh and stimulate staff, is perhaps the most effective approach

It is one of the biggest questions for all UK businesses at the moment: how can companies make their office somewhere that attracts and retains rather than dissuades staff? Tech companies are leading the way but companies from all sectors like Strategic People are investing in their working environment. The benefits this brings can often be difficult to measure. Select Interiors Ltd Manchester Office Fitters will unlock the potential of the space with creative and cost effective options for companies looking to move or refurbish.


We at Select Interiors Manchester know It makes sense to create office environments that not only make the most efficient use of space but that incorporate a sense of fun and unique bespoke elements to every scheme


Talk to the experts about how an engaging fit out can improve productivity and wellbeing to help attract & retain motivated staff call the Select Interiors design team on 0161 445 4040

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