The Three C’s – Concept, Collaboration & Comfort

The Three C’s – Concept, Collaboration & Comfort



The Three C’s Concept, Collaboration & Comfort. From our 34 years of experience, we would like to share our tips for creating the perfect office refurbishment.

The focus should be on creating the ideal staff experience. The process starts with developing a solid understanding of how your employees work, exploring the different cultures and reflecting on what they require and to plan to future proof the scheme.


The space plan should be functional, well lit, have natural light, be heated, cooled & ventilated. These are the given, the design should be the aesthetic equivalent of spice or herbs in your dish. The concept design needs to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. There should be a ‘flow’ to the space plan with enough room for circulation, welfare, meetings both formal and informal and if the footprint allows a ‘quiet space’.

artwork as dividers in an office


Employees are inspired by the human connection, the buzz & interchange of ideas and skills. Integrating collaboration spaces into your office refurbishment will help to foster a culture of debate, dissemination of concepts, improved working practice and innovation. We like to incorporate areas within the footprint as high table / standing informal meeting space to change the energy from the usual sit-down traditional meeting format


The interior design should incorporate natural elements / finishes and planting into the space. Utilising Biophilic design principles has proven benefits for mental health & wellbeing. Seating should be adjustable, acoustic screens & design elements that absorb noise. The chairs and soft seating should be comfortable to enable recuperative down-time. Layout / space planning should make the best use of natural light. Open plan areas lit by smart LED ‘daylight’ panel lighting which adjusts their intensity throughout the day. Finally well-designed breakout & kitchen areas, an absolute must to maintain a happy workforce!

Breakout Office Space Biophelia

If you have a project or an office space that needs some fresh thinking, let’s collaborate, Create & Make to bring your scheme from the imagined into life?

If you have had some time to think about a new design and want to give your office a 2021 transformation, then you’ve came to the right place!

We work with different companies from commercial to hospitality so there is no job too big or small for us. Get in touch today to find out how our team can help you adapt your workspace to fit the growing 2021 design trends.

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