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The importance of lighting in offices for employee wellbeing?



Form + function

Lighting exemplifies the combination of form and function whilst ideally be aesthetically pleasing. Designing in flexibility, use of multiple light sources and where budget allows, lighting that adjusts to natural light and our circadian rhythms can make a huge difference to our wellbeing.
Above: Concrete Pendant Lights with bespoke LED strip
Designed by Select Interiors Creators & Makers
Above: Bespoke LED feature lighting
Designed by Select Interiors Creators & Makers

Light Anatomy

A growing understanding of the effects of light on human biology and wellbeing has realised the importance of well-designed schemes to create pleasant, non-institutional environments. Flexibility in spectral output and control as well as a thoughtfully configured lighting scheme can promote wellbeing. Hundreds of studies have been conducted on the impact of lighting in hospital design on clinical outcomes.
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