The essential guide to office fit out costs in 2023

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Be clear about your budget Office fit out costs can vary massively depending on the size of your office, the quality of materials used, the complexity of the design, and even how much additional furniture you need to include. When commissioning  a drawing / design for your office fit out or renovation project, it’s important […]

Unlocking Success in Retail Space Transformation

Transforming Retail space Transforming a shop into a thriving retail space demands meticulous planning and consideration. Whether you’re embarking on a new venture or renovating an existing store, it’s essential to navigate a range of key factors. In this blog post, we will delve into the critical considerations that drive a successful shop fitout, creating […]

5 Office Design Trends for 2023

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The 5 top office design trends for 2023 We love looking at office design trends and December is a great time to look ahead. This year Clerkenwell Design Week brought us some fantastic insights into emerging office design trends and we find it useful, alongside our own ‘future trends’ report, to keep ahead of what […]

How to create an agile workplace and adopt the ethos

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Post lockdown despite Elon’s diktats, working practices and the office have shifted shape to accommodate a workforce and philosophy ignited in the crucible of change – the enforced lockdowns. The new hybrid workforce it seems is here to stay at least for the short term as the virus is still active, adapting, mutating and likely […]

How to produce an interior design brief for design & fit out

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A simple guide through the process of choosing a design & fit out partner for your office interior project. When researching potential contractors or designers for your project it soon may become apparent that the process can be a little frustrating. A lot of the larger contractors are only really interested in minimum values of […]

Who should I use for Design & Fit Out?

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Should I use design & fit out (D&B) or go to an Architect or Independent Interior Designer? When researching potential options for your project, many business owners consider using a one-stop-shop design & fit out contractor which can do the design work as well as the fit out. In the industry, this is called ‘design and build‘ […]

What does an office fit out cost?

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While there is no definitive answer as to the costs of an office fit out, there certainly are a range of aspects to be considered. This can often be too general or inaccurate to assist in decision making – after all, your project will be unique, defined & based on factors such as size, location […]

Frequently Asked Retail Fit Out Questions

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A collection of our fit out works and studies A collection of our fit out works and studies A collection of our fit out works and studies A collection of our fit out works and studies. A collection of our fit out works and studies.