Post Covid Office Design

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What does the future hold in terms of design, space planning & opportunities?

An increasingly large number of people are concerned about what the office market and office design will look like post COVID-19. Only being a few weeks into the North American shutdown, we are observing several trends.

This is not the death of the office

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This pandemic will not be the death knell for the office, though we at Select Interiors think that there will be changes both in the culture of work and the actual space.

How to Safely Get Back to Work?

Hierarchy of controls

The chances are that a number of you will be wondering how you’re going to get your staff back to work, whilst following the government guidelines around staying Covid secure. Whilst this sounds daunting, there are a lot of things you can do to ensure that your work environment is safe for your staff and any visitors.

Fabric Trend Report 2020 snippet

Two Snippets from Camira Fabrics 2020 Trend Report which provides a barometer of trends for textiles, colours, textures and aesthetics for 2020.

Design Cost Management & Delivery the Holy Trinity

The greatest barrier to achieving a perfect interior is usually the budget. As most clients have less than is needed to achieve the ideal, it falls to the designer to be the arbiter, selector of materials, finishes and to have a tight rein on the purse strings.

Top 10 Office Design Trends for 2020

Track lights & spots in office interiors

After recovering from the January Blues and reportedly the most ‘depressing day of the year’ January 20th the so-called Blue Monday here are a few trends that Select Interiors Ltd believes will enhance your working environment should you wish to spruce up your workspace.

Q & As Dispelling fears about Listed Building refurbishment

Q&As Refurbishment of Listed Buildings

So, whether you want to know more about the listing process or what to consider when you want to make changes to your space & fabric, such as updating your windows, installing A/C, adapting the space for your office or shop our experience and this blog will help inform your decision whether to take the plunge with the risks associated with conversion and alterations to a Listed Building.